Workshop - 19 September 2012

Autism, Aspergers, ASD and teenagers

With Mark Brown Wednesday 19th September

Most people will say that raising children can be the most difficult but rewarding jobs in the world. However, raising a child with special needs possesses extra difficulties requiring additional skills which are forever needed.

 Understandably parents and carers of children and young adults with special needs as well as siblings, become exhausted, stressed and confused about how to help their child further develop and to what the future holds.

Mark Brown (founder of Special Help 4 Special Needs) has many years of working both hands-on with special needs adults and also working extensively in the community with families. This has resulted in approaches and support that is appropriate, practical and achievable which take in to account the real world of special needs.

This workshop aims to explore the issues faced by children/teenagers with special needs and the people around them when the child/teenager is going through puberty.

This includes: -

The Workshops offer the skills to enable parents, carers and professionals to work with some of the difficult issues relating to children with special needs. The day will focus on the practical issues and developing the skills needed by parents/carers and professionals to support the child with special needs in overcoming specific difficulties.