Workshop - 14 October 2013


Coaching Skills to achieve results with challenging children”

With Deanne James

Parents, carers, teachers and professionals are invited to this HELPP workshop where you will find out how you can use coaching skills to support young people - those at risk of dangerous behaviours or who are vulnerable.

The sessions will be interactive, with group work for you to think about how you could apply some of the new strategies you hear about and a follow up session in a months’ time if you want to revisit the techniques and share experiences. (The provisional date for the follow up workshop is 25th November). The focus of these sessions is on young people with ADHD, ASD and Asperger’s who need that extra help and support from adults. It will cover how you can use coaching skills to help children make positive choices in their home, social and school life.

Deanne has achieved fantastic results in coaching young people in London who are at risk of dangerous behaviours and negative influence by peers.

She will talk reassuringly about the signs and risks to look out for as well as how you can support young people.

The programme will include Support Group work, so you can connect with others experiencing similar problems and encourage each other to try new strategies and techniques.

Separate groups will focus on issues for parents/carers and teachers/professionals, with everyone feeding back at the end.

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