Workshop - 13 May 2013

Self-esteem as a foundation for parenting challenging children

With Andy Stokes, a specialist in working with children in different settings.

Parents, carers, teachers and professionals are invited to this workshop which will focus on building your self-esteem and raising the self-esteem of children.

The sessions will be interactive, with group work for you to think about how you could apply some of the strategies discussed.

Raising a child with special needs such as Asperger’s, ADHD, attachment disorder or ODD is a huge challenge for parents. This workshop will focus on the importance of parents and carers looking after their self-esteem to give them the resilience to be more effective parents. It will also cover how parents, carers and support professionals can help children build their own self esteem in their home, social and school life.

Andy has a lively and interactive style and will include exercises and short sessions for you to reflect on his suggestions. The programme will include Support Group work, so you can meet and connect with others experiencing similar problems and help to encourage each other to try new strategies and techniques.

Separate groups will focus on issues for parents/carers and teachers/ professionals, with everyone feeding back at the end.