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Tips for parents - Teenagers

Peer pressure

..... can make teenagers do stuff they don’t really want to do, in order to be ‘part of the group’


....... that cause physical development have a big impact on teenager’s emotions and mood swings are common. They can be wildly exited one minute and angry or tearful the next.

Low self esteem is common

...... and as teenagers can struggle at times with feeling spotty, stupid, unattractive or unpopular


...... are the safest people teenagers can dump their negative feelings onto.


........ are highly sensitive to criticism


...... happens when teenagers want us to trust them, but we worry about what might happen if we do


..... need to find their own identity and discover where they fit into society. This is a journey from dependence to independence.


...... the kind of relationship where they feel free to chat about any issue that may be bothering them.


..... is a two way thing, we need to listen to and understand what our teenager is saying.

Make space

...... for ‘quality time’ it’s the best investment you can make in your teenager’s future.

Be firm, friendly and fair.

....... Try giving them a choice, it gives them more control over their lives and they don’t feel so bossed about.


..... your teenager to be responsible and independent.

Try to channel their energy and enthusiasm into activities that give them a challenge in a safe environment. It’s important they find something they’re good at. Encourage them to try out different skills and activities.