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HELPP held a Summer Garden Party on 21 June 2014 - in order to raise funds for its work.

A total of £709 was raised by donations and raffle cards. It was a great afternoon and local rock band Fear and Loathing supported the event and played a set.

Our thanks got to all of you who turned up, all who made donations and bought raffle tickets and so made it a successful day.

Our thanks also go to the Carshalton High Street businesses who gave us donations, vouchers and goods to raffle. Thanks very much.

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Money Saver - Sutton & east Surrey Water:

Sutton and East Surrey water has introduced a social tariff from which gives customers a 25% discount on their water charges this year (rising to 50% from April 2015).

It is intended for those on low incomes with children (as well as elderly or disabled) .

It's a discount tariff which the government have provided some guidance on and which us being piloted this year before being made compulsory later on.

Like other utility providers, water companies have been asked to look at how they can help those facing financial difficulty and who may be struggling to pay their bills.

The criteria for low income eligibility is set by the HMRC, using their low in one threshold of a gross annual household income of less than£16,010.

Applicants then also need to have parental responsibility for a child under 5 years.

Another way to qualify is to be in receipt of certain means tested benefits.

Sutton & east Surrey Water has been working with other organisations through the supply area to help raise awareness of the scheme such as CAB's, housing associations, debt advice agencies and those supporting vulnerable customer groups e.g disabled, elderly.

For more info or to apply  online, go to: Sutton & E Surrey Water

Or call  call customer services on: 01737 737 2000