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Tips for parents - Giving children more confidence


..... is your child's passport to lifetime mental health and social happiness It's the foundation of a child's well-being and the key to success as an adult. 
At all ages, how you feel about yourself affects how you act. 
Think about a time when you were feeling really good about yourself. You probably found it much easier to get along with others and feel good about them. 

Self-image is how one perceives oneself

If a child looks in the mirror and likes the person they see. Looks inside their self and is comfortable with the person they see. They must think of this self as being someone who can make things happen and who is worthy of love. Parents are the main source of a child's sense of self-worth. Much of a child's self-image comes not only from what the child perceives about their self, but from how they think others perceive them.

Do you reflect positive or negative images to your child?

Do you give them the idea that they are fun to be with?

Do you make it clear that their opinions and desires matter to you?

Do you show that their behaviour pleases you?


..... your child as much as you can. "Thank you George.I really like all the colours in that painting George.” Add a pleasant touch or cuddle to your praise and it works even better. 

Play with your child

You will learn a lot about your child and yourself during play. Playtime gives your child the message "You are worth my time. You are a valuable person." It is well known that children learn through play. It improves a child's behaviour by giving them feelings of importance and accomplishment 

Try to say

yes” and “well done” more often than you say “no” and “stop that”.