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Tips for parents - Dealing with dishonesty

Never call a child a liar or a thief

...... They may grow to believe it and act like one. 

Come right to the point without blaming anyone. 

“Some of the cake has been eaten. Was somebody hungry last night?” 

Ignore arguments and focus on what can be done to sort it out.

.......“Boys, I don’t want to talk about who broke the bike. I want us all to think about how we can fix it.” 

Thank your child when they tell you the truth.

.....“Thank you for telling me what happened, George. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the truth, especially if you think you might get into trouble. That’s very brave of you.” 

Help your child to return things even when they are toddlers.

......“I’m sorry. George has taken something and he wants to give it back.”

Forgive and forget

.....We all make mistakes. Our children are still learning how to behave and we need to help them learn what is right and how they can sort things out when they do something wrong. 


Children with special needs often experience the world very, very differently to their parents, but that does not make their experience false. 

If your child stubbornly, desperately clings to a declaration that you feel is untrue, the water's too hot, the homework is too hard, their shoe can't be found, ask yourself if it might be only untrue to you.