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If this is you -  HELPP can make a difference

Who are we?

HELPP  is a Sutton based registered charity for supporting parents and carers of children with special needs of all kinds.

We know that Parents of disabled children have to deal with practical and emotional challenges that are unimaginable to most families.

This is particularly true early on, when parents are still coming to terms with their child's needs or disability and are starting to grapple with a confusing range of professionals, services and benefits.

We welcome parents  with children who have:

or who have

and parents worried about


If you have looked at this website or used HELPP’s services we welcome your feedback - either by email to us or by contributing to our survey.

To take the survey, please click this link Survey

HELPP Coffee Mornings

HELPP Coffee Mornings are informal supportive meetings of parents/carers run  by members of the HELPP Team in an atmosphere where nobody is  judged.

The purpose is to discuss concerns, off-load, exchange views and ideas and provide opportunity for carers/parents to support each other and network.


“Helpful to know that I am not alone and that there is help out there”

It’s all about  looking for effective parenting strategies, using  not only the HELPP Team’s experiences, but yours as well.

You may be surprised that in the midst of turmoil you may something to offer to others.

We  plan to hold HELPP Coffee Mornings approximately monthly and you are recommended to book a place.

Our next Coffee Morning will be on:

Friday 7 December 2018

We are pleased to say that our speaker for this event will be Dean Beale.

Dean Beadle. Dean is a successful young man who is a journalist and motivational Dean Beadle speaker. Dean is also autistic.

He talks on living with Asperger’s as someone with an Asperger’s diagnosis who has made a successful career. He has helped encourage parents to consider the positive side of having a child who is different and he also talks for the Autism Society etc regularly.

He will share his insights, with his unique blend of humour and personal experience of what it is like to be autistic. He will talk about “living with autism” and how he has overcome the expected limitations in building a successful independent life.

Please see this You Tube clip :Dean Beadle talks.

The Holy Trinity Church

Maldon Rd (at the corner of Maldon Road and Manor Road)



Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you want to find out more about HELPP or if you would like to talk to someone

Peter Witt

Tel:020 8288 1039

Alison Witt

Tel:020 8288 1039

HELPP website manager:

Kieron Smith

In order to access the HELPP Facebook pages, you will need to log into your  Facebook account and search for Helpp For Parents In Sutton

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What do we do?

HELPP aims, in a solution based approach,  to provide emotional and practical advice which will help parents and carers to increase their capabilities and enable them to understand and work with their children’s behaviour.

We provide opportunities for parents and carers to work together, in a safe, non-judgemental environment, to gain insight into child behaviours and identify strategies to help parents & carers.

When working together with you at Coffee Mornings, we search for possible ways of caring for and looking after a child or young person whose own view of life is different to that which society perceives as normal.

Please note:

We are not medical professionals and will not give any medical or professional advice but we are parents who have made the commitment to help each other and provide support, advice or ideas to those who need support NOW

How do we do this?

The services we offer are -

This web site

This website has

For problems, comments or questions regarding this web site contact:

We need your HELP!

Would you like to help our charity that supports parents of children with challenging behaviours such as autism, ADHD and ASD?

HELPP is looking for volunteers who can spare a few hours a week to expand the services available from this small local voluntary organisation.  We need people who can help with publicity, design, promotion, administration and research.  The only skills you need is an interest in finding out more about the area, access to computer and a few spare hours!  

Examples of volunteer roles:

1-Publicity and promotion - help update and redesign leaflets, produce fliers, draft articles for local newsletters and email out notices.

2-Social media - find interesting items on you tube or the Internet to add to our Facebook page to keep it up to date and approve posts.

3-Researcher - keep track of new initiatives, research, or changes in legislation and policy that might affect parents locally or nationally and bring it to the attention of our steering group.

If you are interested in finding out more about these unpaid volunteer roles just email explaining why you are interested and what areas you would like to contribute to.


Visit our HELPP Blog, See what’s happening and have your chance to comment and add your voice  - click here

Booking your place and our venue for Coffee Mornings


If you want to come to one of our events, it’s very helpful to us if you book your place by going to our bookings system web site -

 Book here

If you can’t or haven’t pre-booked, please don’t let that put you off  - just come along anyway. If you want someone to come with you, you can make a booking for both of you.

Using our booking system will help with our statistics and will record your email address so we can notify you of future events

If you want to bring someone with you (a friend, support worker or family member for support), please do so.  


Holy Trinity Church

Maldon Road



Past Workshops

In the past we have run Workshops - which had a presenter with expert knowledge and experience of areas of interest for HELPP parents.

To see the details of these Workshops please click here

HELPP update

We've just opened a JustGiving account to help raise much-needed funds for our charity.

It would be fantastic if you would make a small donation or tell your friends and wider family about us and encourage them to make a small donation.

To donate please click JustGiving

Any donation no matter how small will help us to pay for  our Coffee Morning venue, guest speakers and charity admin costs

It all goes towards helping us to continue our charitable activity of providing parents and carers with emotional and practical advice thus enabling them to understand and work with their children’s behaviour.