Un cirque passe

Un cirque passe Place du Ch telet elle a voulu prendre le m tro C tait l heure de pointe Nous nous tenions serr s pr s des porti res chaque station ceux qui descendaient nous poussaient sur le quai Puis nous remont

  • Title: Un cirque passe
  • Author: Patrick Modiano
  • ISBN: 9782070389278
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • Place du Ch telet, elle a voulu prendre le m tro C tait l heure de pointe Nous nous tenions serr s pr s des porti res chaque station, ceux qui descendaient nous poussaient sur le quai Puis nous remontions dans la voiture avec les nouveaux passagers Elle appuyait la t te contre mon paule et elle m a dit en souriant que personne ne pourrait nous retrouver dans cet Place du Ch telet, elle a voulu prendre le m tro C tait l heure de pointe Nous nous tenions serr s pr s des porti res chaque station, ceux qui descendaient nous poussaient sur le quai Puis nous remontions dans la voiture avec les nouveaux passagers Elle appuyait la t te contre mon paule et elle m a dit en souriant que personne ne pourrait nous retrouver dans cette foule la station Gare du Nord, nous tions entra n s dans le flot des voyageurs qui s coulait vers les trains de banlieue Nous avons travers le hall de la gare et, dans la salle des consignes automatiques, elle a ouvert un casier et en a sorti une valise de cuir noir.Je portais la valise qui pesait assez lourd Je me suis dit qu elle contenait autre chose que des v tements.

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    1. Patrick Modiano

      Patrick Modiano is a French language novelist and winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature.He is a winner of the Grand prix du roman de l Acad mie fran aise in 1972, the Prix Goncourt in 1978 for his novel Rue des boutiques obscures and of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2014.Modiano s parents met in occupied Paris during World War II and began their relationship in semi clandestinity Modiano s childhood took place in a unique atmosphere between the absence of his father of which he heard many troubled stories and his mother s frequent tours, he had to complete his secondary education by government aid This brought him closer to his brother, Rudy, who died of a disease at age 10 the works of Patrick Modiano from 1967 to 1982 are dedicated to him This disappearance announced the end of the author s childhood, who continued to hold a marked nostalgia for this period.Modiano studied at the cole du Montcel primary school in Jouy en Josas, at the Coll ge Saint Joseph de Th nes in Haute Savoie, and then at the Lyc e Henri IV high school in Paris While he was at Henri IV, he took geometry lessons from writer Raymond Queneau, who was a friend of Modiano s mother He received his baccalaureate at Annecy but didn t proceed with his higher education.His meeting with Queneau, the author of Zazie dans le m tro, is crucial Modiano was introduced to the literary world by Queneau, and this gave him the opportunity to attend a cocktail party given by publishing house ditions Gallimard He published his first novel, La Place de l toile, with them in 1968, after having read the manuscript to Raymond Queneau Starting that year, he did nothing but write.On September 12, 1970, Modiano married Dominique Zerhfuss I have a catastrophic souvenir of the day of our marriage It rained A real nightmare Our groomsmen were Queneau, who had mentored Patrick since his adolescence, and Malraux, a friend of my father They started to argue about Dubuffet, and it was like we were watching a tennis match That said, it would have been funny to have some photos, but the only person who had a camera forgot to bring the film There is only one photo remaining of us, from behind and under an umbrella Interview with Elle, 6 October 2003 From their marriage came two girls, Zina 1974 and Marie 1978.Modiano has mentioned on Oct 9, 2014, during an interview with La Grande Librairie, that one of the books which had a great impact on his writing life was Le c ur est un chasseur solitaire The Heart is a Lonely Hunter , the first novel published by Carson McCullers in 1940 Arabic

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    1. Paris in the mid-sixties. A boy, a student, has just been questioned by police. As he’s released a girl is taken in for questioning. He sits at a café nearby and waits for the girl. Both go back to the boy’s apartment and spend the night in his room. Background information is scant. Conversations give little away. Reading this short book felt like watching one of the old French films I used to catch late at night on television, the ones with subtitles. Little seems to happen but there was a [...]

    2. Un cirque passe = After the Circus, Patrick Modianoعنوان: سیرکی که میگذرد؛ نویسنده: پاتریک مودیانو؛ مترجم: نسیم موسوی پاک؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، نشر چشمه، 1393، در 129 ص، شابک: 9786002293718؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان فرانسوی قرن 20 ماز متن رمان: «در میدان شاتله می‌خواست سوار مترو شود. درست زمان شلوغی مترو بود. ن [...]

    3. I just loved this mysterious, atmospheric novella. Having never been to Paris, I could still sense everything -- sights, smells, lights -- of the post war citye depth of detail in the setting is in stark contrast to the minimal details in the characters and plot development. It was just brilliantly crafted.Hard to recommend to many readers, but I love a book that forces me to do some of the work and leaves me without answers and instead with provocative questions.A gem.

    4. Next Week in RomeSo here I am, feeding my Modiano addiction again, not in French this time (too expensive) but in the always reliable translation of Mark Polizzotti. Published in 1992 as Un cirque passe, this is a mid-career novella with most of the author's fingerprints readily recognizable. It is short (200 spare pages); it has an air of scarcely-definable mystery; a great deal of it is spent moving around Paris, mapped precisely down to street corners and boarded-up buildings; and the real su [...]

    5. داستان با لحن خونسرد و گزارشگونه روایت می شود ونویسنده گویا برش هایی از زندگی خود را روایت می کند.عنوان کتاب عنوان پرمعنا وخوبی است که سیر حوادث را نشان می دهد

    6. Không như Quảng trường Ngôi sao, Một gánh xiếc qua tiếp tục đưa người đọc vào mạch cảm xúc của Từ thăm thẳm lãng quên, Ở quán cà phê của tuổi trẻ lạc lối, Để em khỏi lạc trong khu phố Gần như ngay lập tức ta nhận ra thứ văn chương khó lẫn của Modiano. Câu chuyện mở đầu bằng cuộc gặp gỡ của hai nhân vật chính, ở một nơi khá kỳ lạ - Sở cẩm. Độc giả lại dõi theo bước ch [...]

    7. موديانو نويسنده برنده جايزه نوبل سال ٢.١٤ است و اين كتاب اولين اثر اوست كه ميخوانم. نثر كتاب بسيار روان و ترجمه خانم نسيم موسوي پاك بسيار خوب بوده است.داستان چند روز از زندگي پسرك ١٨ ساله اي به اسم ژان و آشنايي اش باژيزل.موديانو اسير خاطرات خود است و تأثير خاطراتش در كتاب به وضو [...]

    8. "Cô vẫn mặc cái áo gió. Tôi tắt đèn trong các tủ kinh. Tôi nằm xuống bên cạnh cô.- Bạn có thấy lạnh không?Cô nằm sát lại và nhẹ nhàng đặt đầu lên vai tôi. Những ánh phản chiếu và những cái bóng hình mắt lưới lướt trên các bức tường và trần nhà""Một Gánh Xiếc Qua" là cuốn mới nhất (hình như thứ năm hay sáu gì đấy thì phải) của Patrick Modiano được xuất bản tại Việt Nam và cá [...]

    9. The ending sucked. This is my second book by this author, but I think I need some distance from him before I pick up a third. Would I read another by him? Yes. Modiano is a delicate writer who creates an atmosphere like few others. It's the early sixties, Paris, boy meets girl in a café after both were questioned by the police about shady people they may or may not know. As the novel (novella really) unfolds I found myself thinking I've read this novel before. It's called Paris Nocturne. Oh, th [...]

    10. انتظار بیشتری داشتم، ناخودآگاهم می‌گفت که باید انتظار بیشتری داشته باشم گرچه کاملا نا امید نشدم ولی اون‌قدری هم که دلم می‌خواست سیرابم نکردفکر میکنم طبق چیزی که مترجم تو مقدمه میگه، کتاب در مورد من به خوبی عمل کرده چون من هم همون احساس خوشایند همراه با اندوه رو دارم، گرچه خ [...]

    11. این اولین کتابی است که از مودیانو خواندم. البته از قبل با نثر مودیانو آشنا بودم. نثری خونسرد و گزارشگر و در معدود وقت هایی با تشبیه های ساده ی ادبی کوتاه.مودیانو به شدت گرفتار خاطرات خود است. و شاید دقیق تر باشد که بگویم خاطراتی که خود را متعلق به آن ها و آن ها را متعلق به خود می د [...]

    12. this is a later addition: i was trying to explain to a friend the resonance and desire this book generates, why i liked it so much- perhaps the specific locales mean something to residents of Paris but for me, these places were hollows, places, addresses that do not matter except to contrast concrete places with amorphous plot and oppressive inescapable mood. and this must be why it works for me: when the reader follows a book there is an implicit expectation that you will piece together, will l [...]

    13. اذا كنت تتوقع ان تدور احداث الرواية حول سيرك متجول من مكان لاخر يصنع أبطاله أحداث الرواية فأنت مخطئ لم ترد كلمة سيرك الا بضع مرات بالتحديد 5 او 6 مرات فقط ولكن حقا تدور كل الاحداث في سيرك كبير هو الحياة بكل ما يمر فيها من مسرات واحزان ومخاطر وتعب وشقاء والكثير الكثير من الغباء!! [...]

    14. well like all kind of masterpiece from this great writer this novel was terrific :)"برای اولین بار در زندگیم از خودم مطمئن بودم.خجالت هایم،تردید هایم،عادت به عذر خواهی برای کوچکترین رفتارم،تحقیر کردن خودم و اینکه اغلب به جای خودم به دیگران حق می دادم،همه ی این ها از بین رفته بودند،درست مانند جدا شدن یک پوسته از ب [...]

    15. هیچ نکته خاص و جذابیتی نداشت. اگر حجمش کم نبود نصفه ولش می کردم.امیدوارم نشر چشمه به زودی از این کلاه برداری دست برداره که برنده نوبل بودن رو به جای معرفی نویسنده می زنه روی جلد کتاب و کتابای جوونی و ناپختگی یه نویسنده ای که برای یه اثر دیگه نوبل برده و احتمالا توی کشور خودشم فرو [...]

    16. Farklı bir tarzı var Modiano'nun, yani en azından benim için öyle. Hiç tanımadığınız insanların hayatının içine atıveriyor sizi. Bir bilginiz olmadan onlarla yaşayıp gidiyorsunuz. Kitap boyunca da o karakterleri tam anlamıyla tanımayı beklemeyin. Yine birden onlardan ayrılıveriyorsunuz.

    17. The city of Paris, rife with mystery, is definitely the star of this short novel. Anyone who has visited there will feel like they're back again, walking the familiar streets, eating in cafés. The two main characters, teen-aged Jean and his new, slightly older paramour, Gisele, are immersed in intrigue and deceit as soon as they meet, and they spend most of their time wandering almost randomly around the city during the few days that the story encompasses. During that time, as they become bette [...]

    18. I wonder how much is lost in translation. I enjoyed this, from his last novel I read I am learning that his writing is a lot like memory. He delves into the folds of the mind where our our memories are adrift at sea- you can see the land but you can't tell how far away it is or who is waving to you on it. A mysterious woman, a boy on the edge of adulthood and suddenly there are people entering his life and everything is unknown. His father is somehow involved, does she have a seedy past? There a [...]

    19. This is not the immature Modiano of the Occupation Trilogy, but the mature Modiano of Suspended Sentences. A fabulous book

    20. من المدونة:dhawshed.wordpress/2017/0«سيرك يمر» جهل وتشوش وذاكرة مثقوبةحسين الضو، جريدة الرياض 5 أغسطس 2017alriyadh/1614104بعد منحه جائزة نوبل للآداب عام 2014، ظهر الروائي الفرنسي باتريك موديانو للإعلام، وقال في لحظة عفوية لا واعية، وبنبرته الاعتذارية المعهودة ما يختزل أعماله جميعها، ويعكس ذاته [...]

    21. Oldukça kaygılı bir hikayesi var romanın. Karanlık ve belirsiz karakterlerin yanında Paris kafeleri, köprü ve caddeleri çok daha öne çıkıyor. Henüz ergen olan Jean ve karanlık şahsiyet Giselle'in tesadüfen tanışması ile başlıyor roman. Eşyaları antikacıya satılmış boş bir ev, eski bir aile dostu ev arkadaşı, İsviçre'ye kaçan bir baba imgesi, dansçı annenin terk etmişliği, adını bile bilmediği bir kızla yakınlaşma, Roma'da yaşama hayali, bunların heps [...]

    22. Il serait, à mon avis, totalement injuste de parler de l'existence d'une vraie "action" dans l'œuvre de Modiano. "Un cirque passe" est, toutefois, un des plus alertes livres à lui que j'aie jamais lu - c'est-à-dire, les lieux, les personnes et les souvenirs se mélangent nostalgiquement ("comme d'habitude", bien entendu), mais d'une manière un peu plus claire est plus facile à suivre. Et, en plus, rarement ai-je vu des récits de Modiano où le métro n'aie pas un rôle bien important. C'e [...]

    23. I won the book from in exchange for an honest reviewank you!This is the first book I have read by Patrick Modiano and I enjoyed it very much. The story was easy to get involved in so I was eager to keep turning the pages. There is mystery and romance set in Paris in the 1960's with the atmosphere of noir. This author won the Pulitzer Prize for "In the Café of Lost Youth" which I will be reading. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a short but compelling read.

    24. I'm pretty excited to read more Modiano, and this was a swift, elusive novel about memory and Paris in the 60s and a girl with a murky past. Felt almost like a post-impressionist painting with its vivid streets and cafes and moments of intense emotion there in the middle of all that eerie ungraspable-ness.

    25. Reading Patrick Modiano takes me back to my twenties. I was studying film at UCLA and seeing scores of New Wave films such as Breathless and Paris Nous Appartient. There is something tentative about all the relationships in the book, even between the character possibly named Lucien and his father, who abandoned him. The main relationship in After the Circus is between "Lucien" and "Gisele." They are preparing to leave Paris for Rome where a job is supposedly waiting for them. In the end, everyth [...]

    26. This is a fairly short novel by Patrick Modiano who in 2014 won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Translated from French it is an engaging and atmospheric story set in Paris in the 1960’s. I enjoyed most the descriptions of Paris and the young eighteen year-old Jean’s attraction to the slightly older mysterious woman. Gisele is beautiful, sometimes elusive and secretive about her past. He meets her by chance after they are interviewed by the police and he assumes for the same reasons and maybe [...]

    27. it is said that P. Modiano writes the same book again and again, but it still new each time and After the Circus is a perfect example of this as it repeats the themes, setting and even plot twists of Young Once (while having similarities to Villa Triste too), while it still manages to read fresh, new, compelling, while it made me stay late to finish it in one setting (this after finish8ing a reread of Villa Triste to boot)this time, the 18 year old Parisian narrator finds the slightly older trou [...]

    28. I picked up my first novel by 2014 Nobel prize winner, Patrick Modiano, the other day in Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, California. Modiano's After the Circus is a short novella that is absolutely enchanting, and can be easily read in one sitting over an hour or so. While it is translated from French (by Mark Polizzotti), it is a brilliant little tale of first love couched in a mystery. The story takes place over a few days in Paris--the City of Light--during the 1960s. The characters of Jean, [...]

    29. " اعتباراً ذلك المساء ، صرنا منفصلين عن كل شيء . لم يعد أي ممّا يحيط بِنَا حقيقياً . لا غرابلي ، ولا والدي التائه في سويسرا ، ولا والدتي القابعة في مكان ما بجنوب إسبانيا ، ولا الناس الذين صادفتهم من غير أن أعرف عنهم شيئاً : أنسار ، وجاك دو بافيير صالة المطعم أيضاً كانت مجّردة من أ [...]

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