Queen of the World!

Queen of the World It s the same thing every day for Babymouse Where is the glamour The excitement The adventure Nothing ever changes until Babymouse hears about Felicia Furrypaws s exclusive slumber party Will Babymou

  • Title: Queen of the World!
  • Author: Jennifer L. Holm Matthew Holm
  • ISBN: 9780375832291
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the same thing every day for Babymouse Where is the glamour The excitement The adventure Nothing ever changes, until Babymouse hears about Felicia Furrypaws s exclusive slumber party Will Babymouse get invited Will her best friend, Wilson, forgive her if she misses their monster movie marathon Find out in Babymouse Queen of the World, a graphic novel witIt s the same thing every day for Babymouse Where is the glamour The excitement The adventure Nothing ever changes, until Babymouse hears about Felicia Furrypaws s exclusive slumber party Will Babymouse get invited Will her best friend, Wilson, forgive her if she misses their monster movie marathon Find out in Babymouse Queen of the World, a graphic novel with attitude

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      459 Jennifer L. Holm Matthew Holm
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    1. Jennifer L. Holm Matthew Holm

      Jennifer L Holm is a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling children s author and the recipient of three Newbery Honors for her novels OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA, PENNY FROM HEAVEN, and TURTLE IN PARADISE Jennifer collaborates with her brother, Matthew Holm, on two graphic novel series the Eisner Award winning Babymouse series and the bestselling Squish series She is also the author of several other highly praised books, including the Boston Jane trilogy and MIDDLE SCHOOL IS WORSE THAN MEATLOAF She lives in California with her husband and two children.

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    1. I guess I should be honest and state that if this book had not been chosen as one of our monthly reads in the Children's Literature Group for last February (we were discussing two graphic novels), I would NEVER have chosen Jennifer L. Holm's Queen of the World for myself. While I can appreciate the themes presented and mildly like the often clever intertextuality (featuring fairy tales, science fiction and the like), I really do NOT like Matthew Holm's illustrations at all and actually consider [...]

    2. This book is somewhat funny at times, but it's extremely predictable even for a middle-grade story, Babymouse herself is spoiled, entitled and annoying, and the book is very repetitive. I can't honestly say that I really liked it at all.

    3. SynopsisImaginative and sassy Baby Mouse works hard to earn an invitation to Felicia Furrypaws' slumber party only to discover she prefers the company of her old friend to the popular crowd.ReviewThe cartoon-like graphics and pink and black coloring is sure to appeal to young and preteen girls. The protaganist goes to school, is stuck with curly wiskers and has an annoying little brother. This familiar world is is broken up with wild day dreams where Baby Mouse finds herself fighting a giant squ [...]

    4. Babymouse has such a boring life. The same thing happens every day. She gets up, fusses with her curly whiskers, fights with her locker that always sticks, and wishes she could be Felicia Furrypaws' friend. Felicia is the most popular girl at school and she won't give Babymouse the time of day.When Felicia starts handing out invitations to a slumber party, Babymouse is determined to do whatever it takes to get one. She knows a sleepover at Felicia's house is going to be the most exciting thing s [...]

    5. Babymouse: Queen of the World! by Jennifer L. Holm (2005)Genre: Graphic NovelFormat: BookPlot summary: An imaginative mouse dreams of being queen of the world, but will settle for an invitation to the most popular girl's slumber party.Considerations or precautions for readers advisory (strong language, sex, death, religious overtones, violence, etc.): No special considerationsReview citation (if available): Smith, Robin L. Horn Book Magazine , September/October 2008, Vol. 84 Issue 5, p587-587Sec [...]

    6. This book was such a cute book to read, and very easy to follow. It is written in a comic-book manner, and I feel would appease girls and boys. This story that I read is about a cute little mouse named Babymouse. She is kind of critical about her whiskers because they are curly, but she seems like any normal, little girl mouse. She gets to school and sees that the most popular girl in school is having a slumber party. She wants so badly to go, but doesn't get an invite, until Babymouse does some [...]

    7. Babymouse #1 Queen of the World!Author: Jennifer L. Holm Illustrator: Matthew HolmDesperation takes over the life of Babymouse as she seeks the “ultimate prize,” which will definitely put her popularity at an all-time high. The prize? A simple invitation to that girl who she secretly despises, Felicia Furrypaws, slumber party. While desperation is not one of her best qualities because, after all, Babymouse can accomplish just about anything, she finds her loyalty also comes into question whe [...]

    8. Babymouse Queen of the World! by Jennifer L. Holm tells the story of Babymouse who finds her life boring and irritating; she has so much homework, an annoying brother, and curly whiskers. At school, she hears about the slumber party the most popular girl is having and she really wants to go. During the day, she daydreams about her expectations and fun things. Babymouse had recently made plans with her best friend, Wilson the Weasel. However, she goes to the slumber party and realizes that the gi [...]

    9. I enjoyed this series because of the positive attitude of the characters and how to overcome failure without negative results. I also enjoyed the black and white comic strip style with pink sprinkled throughout all the stories. It adds to the world of BabyMouse and her adventures. I would use this book as a building block for my students to start their passion for reading and to help them establish AR testing if my school requires it. It is a visually stimulating book, so it could also help thos [...]

    10. Babymouse: Queen of the World had a lot of cool things going for it. I also loved that Babymouse was unapologetically herself throughout the whole book. I love that it's a comic and that it is more geared towards young girls. I think that it's important for young girls to know that this style of book is not always selective in their target audience, that there's a graphic novel/comic out there for everyone. Because of the style this book is written in I'd definitely use it as some sort of base f [...]

    11. I was not a fan of this book. There were parts that were very cute and made me laugh, but I had a very difficult time reading it. Perhaps I'm not used to the style of writing that makes up a graphic novel. This was the first one I've ever read. Nonetheless, it wasn't my cup of tea. It was very jumpy and I had no idea where to focus my attention.

    12. My 6 year old brought this home from the library at school and was nearly jumping out of her skin to read it that evening. It was a quick read that held her attention with the adorable illustrations. She liked each of the characters.ly because she thought they were stylish and looked cool (her words). I think we will be seeing another Babymouse book in our future!

    13. I’m trying to read some of my students’ favorite books to see the appeal. I didn’t really like this one too much. It just seemed like it was all over the place. I see why students would enjoy it but it wasn’t as funny/interesting as some of the other favorites I’ve read.

    14. Babymouse Queen of the World! is such a fun and entertaining book. Babymouse shows her desire for adventure, and shares her wonderful imagination with the reader. She uses her positive attitude to make important decisions that any elementary student could find relatable. I would recommend the Babymouse series for home and classroom libraries.

    15. Jennifer and Matthew Holm bring Baby Mouse to life in the first graphic novel of this series. Baby Mouse is young, silly, and always in a bit of trouble. The simple, yet fun drawings in this series speak to first and second graders and encourage them to love to read!

    16. I think this book is cool because it has pictures and its nice its a mouse that thinks she will be a rock star. But she's nervous to perform because she questions herself if shell read the right' notes.And the book also talks about her of public school life school buses, broken lockers, bullies, math class.

    17. For my English Lit class for future teachers we had to choose a book series for children to read at least two of. When choosing my series books to read for the class, I was instantly drawn to the Babymouse series by Jennifer L. Holm. To be quite honest, the reason I chose the Babymouse series was because I had already read the first one when it first came out (I must have been eleven at the time). To me, this seems a bit embarrassing because it seems like such an easy read (and yes, it is) and i [...]

    18. In a sentence I would say BABYMOUSE is an honest book about the daily life of a sweet sassy mouse who is slowly discovering her values and who she is. “Late again, I see. What was it this time? Locker try to eat you?” The quote you just read is from the one and only BABYMOUSE series, specifically BABYMOUSE QUEEN OF THE WORLD, by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm. Let me start off by saying these books are so hard to put down, they are too relatable, and so funny. Through the series you follo [...]

    19. I have read several of the Babymouse books growing up. I read them when I was in middle school, but they are actually meant for grades 2-5, which I definitely could understand when reading them. They were quick and easy reads when I was reading them in middle school, and I think they would have been the same when I was in fourth or fifth grade. These graphic novels are great for children in elementary and middle school though because they keep the reader engaged. I think these books are more gea [...]

    20. Great book! 10 minute read, funny, cute, includes some sort of lesson- for all ages! I recommend (: Also the illustrations are amazing and the narration interaction is adorable!Babymouse wants to attend a slumber party at Felicia Furrypaws house because everyone who is anyone is going to be there. She goes through a series of obstacles to be invited, but none of her plans get her invited. Last minute, Felicia tells her that she forgot to complete her essay and asks Babymouse for hers, so, desper [...]

    21. I thought Babymouse was a truly inspirational character to young kids. Sometimes with inspirational characters it can be hard to relate but Holm creates a character who is so relatable I found myself completely intrigued. Not to mention, the creativity put into every page made it impossible for me to put the book down. Baby mouse teaches us life lessons we didn't even know we needed. With that being said, I feel like it was almost to quick of a read for me. but that's just me.I think this would [...]

    22. 1. This book would fall under the category of a junior book, graphic novel.2. Babymouse wants desperately to be part of the popular crowd. When the most popular girl in school is throwing a slumber party, Babymouse wants to be included. She gives up her book report to score the invite, but is the party what she dreams it will be?3. critique a. The strongest part of this book is its limited words and illustrations. b. Graphic novels seem to usually be geared towards boys, so it is great that [...]

    23. In all honesty, I had a hard time thinking that this book was going to catch my interest at all. However, as I went through the pages I realized I could finish this book walking away with an interesting story. I found it odd that "graphic novels" were seen as interesting or educational. But then when finishing the book I got a new sense of understanding for how to fully define a graphic novel and definitely enjoyed this. I would say the book is probably for older(ish) readers who are intersted i [...]

    24. My students get more exited about Babymouse books than they do candy, so I simply had to see what all the hype was about despite my general dislike for graphic novels. The format just doesn't appeal to me, but I'm all for any book that gets my kids excited, so I gave it a go by reading it aloud to my 4 year old. First of all, I have to say reading a comic book aloud is pretty awkward in my opinion, but my daughter seemed to follow along just fine and loved the story. When we got to the end, wher [...]

    25. Babymouse: Queen of the World! is the adventures of a tween aged mouse who longs for the glamour, excitement, and adventure she finds in the books she loves. In the graphic novel, written and illustrated by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm, Babymouse struggles with the day to day issues most intermediate and middle school students encounter and escapes these moments with her powerful imagination. In this first book of the series, Babymouse wants desperately to be invited to a sleepover of the p [...]

    26. I knew that sooner or later that we'd get around to reading the Babymouse series by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm. I had even read one of the books in the series with one of our oldest's classmates when I visited the class during reading time. But I was a bit surprised when our youngest picked up the story and our oldest had no interest at all. This is a quick read and a surprisingly good lesson about true friendship. The story is interesting and I like the narrator's numerous injects into t [...]

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