When a Laird Finds a Lass

When a Laird Finds a Lass She is his greatest enemy and his only salvation Malcolm MacDonald a lawyer in Edinburgh unexpectedly inherits his father s title of Laird of Dunbronach forcing him to return to a place he hasn t s

  • Title: When a Laird Finds a Lass
  • Author: Lecia Cornwall
  • ISBN: 9781250111623
  • Page: 343
  • Format: ebook
  • She is his greatest enemy and his only salvation.Malcolm MacDonald, a lawyer in Edinburgh, unexpectedly inherits his father s title of Laird of Dunbronach, forcing him to return to a place he hasn t seen since he was a small child To gain the trust of a wary clan, Malcolm must act upon their insistence that he cast aside his English betrothed and marry a Highlander.HoweveShe is his greatest enemy and his only salvation.Malcolm MacDonald, a lawyer in Edinburgh, unexpectedly inherits his father s title of Laird of Dunbronach, forcing him to return to a place he hasn t seen since he was a small child To gain the trust of a wary clan, Malcolm must act upon their insistence that he cast aside his English betrothed and marry a Highlander.However, they have one condition no lasses of the barbaric clan MacLeod.When he finds an unconscious woman in the sea, he brings her back to his clan but not before doing the one thing that could save her life hiding her all too telling MacLeod plaid When she wakes with no memory of who she is, Malcolm vows to keep the little he knows about her identity a secret As new dangers threaten his clan, the mysterious lass teaches Malcolm some very important lessons about how to be a Highlander and a laird.But secrets never stay secret for long, and when she finds her plaid, her memory returns and she flees Malcolm is forced to make a difficult choice to win her back, facing his darkest fears and his worst enemy for a chance at true love.

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      Lecia Cornwall lives and writes in Calgary, Canada, amid the beautiful foothills of the Canadian Rockies, with four cats, two teenagers, a crazy chocolate Lab, and one very patient husband She is hard at work on her next book.

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    1. 'When a Laird Finds a Lass' by Lecia Cornwall is book two in the "A Highland Fairy Tale" series. This is the story of Malcolm MacDonald and Marcail MacLeod. Malcolm has just been informed that his father and half-brother and most of the clansmen have been killed by an outbreak that has claimed their lives. This has made his clan extinct and in need of his leadership. Malcolm father on his death bed asked that Malcolm be brought back to lead the people. But Malcolm only really agrees at first to [...]

    2. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance SummaryMalcolm MacDonald, a lawyer in Edinburgh is shocked to learn that he is the next Laird. A clan that he hasn't been around for many years, and on top of everything will have to earn the trust of everyone in the clan. But there is one problem, well many problems, but when he stumbles across a injured lass wrapped in the plaid of the their enemy the MacDonald's, he hides the evidence because he has no idea what they will do to this inn [...]

    3. Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.: amzn/2eQOX7UOh, yall. I'm loving this series from Cornwall. Highlanders? Yes! Fiery fierce heroines? Gah, yes! Romance, a gorgeous setting, and fun storylines? Indeed!When a Laird Finds a Lass. Well, he did just that. Fished her right out of the ocean after finding her unconscious in the waves. Injured and with no memory of who she was. The clan he's now in charge of? They totally think he should keep her. *nods*Malcolm and his mysterious selkie. I [...]

    4. I love retellings of fairy tales, and the historical Highland twist just makes them too delicious to pass up. When a Laird Finds a Lass is very loosely based on The Little Mermaid. I actually had to think about this one a bit as I didn't see many correlations between this book and the Disney adaptation, but there may be more similarities between this story and the original written work (which I have not read).Malcolm ban MacDonald was making a living as a lawyer in Edinburgh when he unexpectedly [...]

    5. Book: when a LAIRD FINDS A LASS by Lecia Cornwall Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook of Tartan Book Reviews and Celtic Barb's Tartan Book Review Blog Heat Rating: mildOverall Rating: 5/5 starsScotland, 1707This is the the story of Malcolm Ban MacDonald and Marcail MacLeod who are from enemie clans. This rift started so long ago no one even remember the reason as to why. Malcolm is a dull lawyer in Edinburgh with a fiancée and gets a surprise visit from the elders of his father's clan of Dunbronach. H [...]

    6. I'm really not sure how to start this review. When I read the book blurb it sounded interesting. The first chapter intrigued me, but then it lost me for a good number of chapters. I almost put it down and stopped reading it. What kept me reading was the lovable characters. Main and secondary characters were charming and there banter fun and touching. Malcolm Ban MacDonald the new Laird is totally out of is comfort zone. Born the second son to the late Laird he left the wild highlands with his mo [...]

    7. I loved Malcolm he was an honorable man, “don’t you see? If you’re wed to someone else, what would he think, how would he feel if he knew I— we—” He swallowed , scowled. “If you were mine—I’d kill any man who touched you, Ronat. I wouldn’t share you.” I liked this book, I loved Malcolm.

    8. This one was so amusing! I can honestly say that I am 100% it is better on audio! At least it felt so.Markeil (sp?) is not lucky in love and ends up washed ashore on enemy land. Lucky for her she does not remember who she is.Malcolm is a lawyer who becomes laird when his father dies. The clan thinks he is a softie since he grew up in Edinburgh. And he does think them barbaric. But he starts to care for the people, and he wants to help rebuild and to make his clan strong again.Then he finds a las [...]

    9. **I was given a copy of this book by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review**What a great book! It is loosely (very loosely) based on the fairy tale The Little Mermaid.Marcail MacLeod is one of the Fearsome MacLeod daughters. She believes she is in love with one of her kinsman, but is heartbroken to find him with another woman. When her father tells her that he has a man that would like to marry her, she rushes to accept the offer - only to be disillusioned again on the way [...]

    10. I absolutely loved this book. The hero Malcolm MacDonald had no idea why three of his clansmen show up in Edinburgh and much to his dismay, they tell him he's the new Laird of Dunbronach. Malcolm left his Highland home when he was just a small child and has no idea how to be Laird. The townsfolk are suspicious of his English ways and he feels their disdain deeply. When a young woman washes ashore on the beach below the castle, Malcolm rushes to her aid. She's injured and doesn't remember her nam [...]

    11. While I had enjoyed Lecia Cornwall’s books in the past, I always felt there was this elusive sparkle missing to make her work spectacular, and she definitely found it in the fabulous WHEN A LAIRD FINDS A LASS!Malcolm MacDonald lives a tiny flat in Edinburgh, he’s a junior lawyer in his uncle’s firm, and he gets by reasonably well. He is planning to propose to his Sassenach almost-fiancée, when he receives the visit from elders from Dunbronach. Malcolm’s father has just died, he was the [...]

    12. Once upon a time I loved to read romance novels and every once in a while I will indulge in one.Marcail MacLeod is the daughter of the barbaric Chief MacLeod, she is one of twelve sisters. She fancies herself in love with a boy and has been prompting him to ask her father for her hand, but she soon finds him to be a rather dishonorable man and finds herself in a position jumping for the next offer simply to spite him. Except the next is as dishonorable as the last and she dives into the depths o [...]

    13. LOVED this book! When an author can make me enjoy every character, they have definitely done something right. Lecia Cornwall has done it again with the second book in the Highland Fairy Tale series. It was truly magical to read. I began to believe in the magic of the highlands right along with Malcolm MacDonald.Marcail MacLeod is not having an easy time finding love. When she discovers the man whom she thought was her true love in the arms of another woman, she recklessly accepts an offer of mar [...]

    14. Have you ever started reading a book but you couldn't seem to connect with the story at first then BAM it becomes so good that it starts you crying at various parts and making your heart ache during others? This is that type of book.I was uncertain if Malcolm would be able to move from Lawyer to Laird but the author expands his character with a bunch of smooth character transitions. While she was able to keep his core personality intact she expanded his abilities to be a strong leader without ha [...]

    15. Lecia Cornwall puts a charming and witty spin on this wonderful fairy tale. When A Laird Finds A Lass is the second book in her Highland Fairy Tale series. I was captivated by the characters and the story that had me involved from beginning to end. Malcolm and Marcail were very engaging characters. I was rooting for them to stay together. I connected the most with Malcolm, even though this series thread seems to be centering around the twelve MacLeod sisters. He was a good man who wanted to do t [...]

    16. Every young child believes in some type of fairy-tale. Marcail just wanted to belong to some honorable man. Being part of a rich and fearsome clan with eleven of her beautiful sisters, it is hard to feel desired in comparison. She thought she loved the boy she was courting but he only wanted under her skirts. She decides to jump ship after she finds her "betrothed" with another; to bad her memory jumps ship as well. She wakes in unfamiliar territory with no idea of who she is and how she came to [...]

    17. **** I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Net-galley in exchange for an honest review. **** This is the second book and the series but you don’t have to read the first one in order to understand the story. This book is book is a loose retelling of The Little Mermaid. It was nice to have retelling of a different fairy tale, since Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast are common to see reimagined. Malcolm Ban Mac Donald has been brought back to the home be barely remembers. [...]

    18. Malcolm MacDonald, a lawyer in Edinburgh, unexpectedly inherits his father’s title of Laird of Dunbronach, forcing him to return to a place he hasn’t seen since he was a small child. To gain the trust of a wary clan, Malcolm must act upon their insistence that he cast aside his English betrothed and marry a Highlander. However, they have one condition, no lasses of the barbaric clan MacLeod.When he finds an unconscious woman beside the sea, he brings her back to his clan but not before doing [...]

    19. When a Laird Finds a Lass by Lecia CornwallA Highland Fairy Tale #2Can a lawyer learn to be a laird? Can a man who is afraid of water learn to swim? Can a man who believes in facts learn to believe in magic? All things Malcolm Mac Donald has to wrestle with when told he is to move to his father’s land and take charge of the clan. Can a woman seeking love find it? Can a woman without memory remember? Can a woman know about herself without knowing who she is? Marcail “Ronat” MacLeod will dea [...]

    20. 3.5 StarsLecia Cornwall has set her stories in the Scottish Highlands but the characters and their struggles to find love ever after are very familiar. In When a Laird Finds a Lass there are some parallels to the story of The Little Mermaid; however the spin here is that the young heroine finds her true voice rather than sacrificing it to find her hero.Marcail MacLeod’s heart is broken when she discovers the man she hoped would marry her having sex with another woman. With her pride just as br [...]

    21. Initial Thoughts: As much as I enjoyed the previous novel, I truly loved this one. Our hero, Malcolm starts off as a honorable man. Once he gets in touch with his Highlander roots, he just blossoms. The combination of his honor and intelligence added to the fierceness of accepting his role as Laird was awe-inspiring. I loved Marcail as well. She was just as formidable of a heroine. She was a lovely combination of determination and kindness. Her strength of character was touching as she tried to [...]

    22. This was an excellently written, well paced, exciting story filled with twists and turns. It is loosely (very loosely) based on the tale of the Little Mermaid. You have a second son who has always lived in Edinburgh who unexpectedly becomes an unwanted laird to his clan and an injured enemy clanswoman who washes up on the beach with no memory of who she is. The sparks can only fly. Then, you add in a very nasty cousin who is a drunkard who believes raping clanswomen is his right – and HE think [...]

    23. Sweet read! The story was very good and the plot kept you interested to see what would happen when all the secrets would come out. Malcolm had lots to learn and "Ronat" helped him open his heart and mind to his kinsmen. It dragged a touch but picked up at the end. Characters were well developed and their motives interesting. Good read.Received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley for a honest review.

    24. When a Laird Finds a Lasswas a charming and delightful read. The author put a unique spin on one of my favorite fairytales,The Little Mermaid , and I loved what she did with the fairytale. I thought the plot of the book flowed well and it captivated me the entire time. There were slow parts here and there, but it was a strong story overall.The main male character, Malcolm, was very swoon worthy. I found him to be very romantic and I couldn't help but fall in love with him. I thought the author d [...]

    25. Malcolm has been notified that his father, stepbrother, and most of his clansmen have died from an outbreak of a disease. Malcolm’s father on his deathbed asked for Malcolm to be brought back to lead what is left of their clan. Three of his clansmen come to Malcolm to tell him his father died and he is the new Laird. But Malcolm comes back but to make a wish which was a tradition for the clan. But Malcolm doesn’t want to go back as he is a lawyer and is about t propose to Nancy Martin and sh [...]

    26. Malcolm MacDonald is a lawyer in Edinburgh and does not understand why there are clansmen on his door step. He learns he’s unexpectedly inherits his father’s title of Laird of Dunbronach, a place hasn’t seen since he was a small child. Malcolm reluctantly returns to his wary Clan, he must earn their trust and one way is to marry a Highland lass with one stipulation no lasses of the barbaric clan MacLeod who has twelve daughters. Marcail MacLeod is one of the fearsome Chief MacLeod daughter [...]

    27. This is book two in Ms. Cornwall's new series of fairy tail retellings. This one is the retelling of The Little Mermaid and since I've never read or seen the movie about the said mermaid, I have nothing to compare it to, but I can tell you that I did like this story and now I really need to see The Little Mermaid.I liked a lot of things in this book. From the intriguing plot to the pace, I thought the author did a fantastic job. But it's the characters of Marcail and Malcolm that made me like th [...]

    28. Book 2 in the Highland Fairy Tale series by Lecia Cornwall draws very loosely on the tale of the Little Mermaid. When a Laird Finds a Lass is a story about two tribes that are sworn mortal enemies. Why? No one even remembers. What is known is that the MacDonalds of Dunbronach will never make an alliance with the MacLeods of Glen Iolair, and will kill any MacLeod that steps on MacDonald land. What else is known? Sickness has wiped out over half of the proud MacDonald clan. On his deathbed, the La [...]

    29. ** I received a free ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review**Malcolm Ban McDonald doesn't believe in magic and superstition like the rest of his clan, that is, until Marcail McLoad washes up on his beach.Malcolm is by far my favorite Highland hero. He's strong, sweet, kind, and a gentleman through and through. I love the description of him, and found myself wanting to run my fingers through those golden red curls. Marcail plays the Highland heroine quite nicely, but she grated on my [...]

    30. I love a good book that has happily ever after type of ending and this one did. It was full of so much that made it special - characters you couldn't help but love, a feud between two families that was so old no one could remember what had started it anymore, two families who each though the other was full of blood thirsty barbarians when nothing could have been further from the truth and so much more. There was a sweet love story, a young man trying to fill the shoes of father he never really k [...]

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