TRAIN TO POKIPSE A portrait of a millennial young man in the pre Occupy Wall Street America of bank bailouts and apathy Marinated in cocaine and sexual failure awkward painful with occasional moments of high comedi

  • Author: Rami Shamir Micah White
  • ISBN: 9780996770316
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • A portrait of a millennial young man in the pre Occupy Wall Street America of bank bailouts and apathy Marinated in cocaine and sexual failure, awkward, painful, with occasional moments of high comedic relief, TRAIN TO POKIPSE has proven itself to be frighteningly accurate in its socio political predictions During this election year mad house, it s easy to find yourselfA portrait of a millennial young man in the pre Occupy Wall Street America of bank bailouts and apathy Marinated in cocaine and sexual failure, awkward, painful, with occasional moments of high comedic relief, TRAIN TO POKIPSE has proven itself to be frighteningly accurate in its socio political predictions During this election year mad house, it s easy to find yourself wondering how we fell this far TRAIN TO POKIPSE, written beautifully and structured in an intricate metaphor, captures the moment in time when the wheels started falling off the American dream.

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    1. Rami Shamir Micah White

      Rami Shamir is the author of TRAIN TO POKIPSE, the novel that s been called a Catcher in the Rye for the new century Bookending a literary canon of twentieth century masters that includes Samuel Beckett, Henry Miller, Kathy Acker, and William S Burroughs, Shamir the final author of legendary publisher Barney Rosset was recently illuminated as the last disciple of the Grove Press Empire in a Hopes and Fears Magazine feature Well known as an activist with Occupy Wall Street, his work has appeared in Adbusters, Evergreen Review, and The Brooklyn Rail He has been written about or interviewed in the Huffington Post, PRINT Magazine, Detroit Metro Times, the Brooklyn Rail, and Blotterature.Introducing TRAIN TO POKIPSE s second edition, Occupy Wall Street co creator Micah White asserts TRAIN TO POKIPSE as the the millennial generation s foremost literary work The novel you are about to read is a timeless chronicle of the psychological origins the collective mood and affect that catalyzed Occupy Wall Street TRAIN TO POKIPSE deftly captures the essence of what compelled the millennial generation of cognitariat youth, over educated and burdened with student debt, to suddenly throw aside ironic nihilism and rise up in an earnest spiritual insurrection Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, TRAIN TO POKIPSE s new limited edition is now available bit pokipse7As well as POKIPSE s premiere Kindle edition bit ttp kindleAnd a.99 EPUB on IBOOKS bit ttpibooks

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    1. A visceral trek--sensitive & raw; lyrical & radical--into the mindset of a new voice, a modern oracle whose novel is less about the Occupy Wall St. Movement than the general collective disenchantment that decidedly marks 99% of our millenials. And Gen Xers. & I assume it goes on down the line like that (til, dare I say, the "greatest generation"? Wooah).The novel's purpose is this: to gain the Burroughsian heights (that's Will S not Augusten of course) of a slice-clear generation cry [...]

    2. Rating: 3.75* of fiveRejoice, literary netizens, for the future of fiction is in safe hands! Millennial Rami Shamir shows his mettle in this non-linear tale of obsession, shallow emotion, and the horrifying cost of emotional abuse. My review is on my blog, Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud. As always, I'll post the review here in a few weeks, if you're too lazy or stubborn to click a link. But hey! You'd never have to click that pesky link if you join my blog! Reviews directly sent, no further effort [...]

    3. I'm sure some people would quickly slap a label of "queer fiction" on Train to Pokipse, and I think that makes them a wee-bit lazy and non-confrontational. I really don't understand why we need such classifications. Is it a warning for those with delicate sensibilities signifying a book is one where the central characters are homosexual and discussion occurs about homosexuality? So, for you delicate flowers out there, here's my warning. This is a book with male characters who are gay and who hav [...]

    4. An extraordinary debut novel. Full of coke, spit, and semen. TRAIN TO POKIPSE is an intimate look at a young gay man's life in motion. Flush in its descriptions; vividly drawn down to the smallest details, it's a great read and not to be missed.

    5. I met the author of this book, Rami Shamir while working at the Broadway Book Mall in Denver, CO. He was on a road trip around the country promoting his book. I was immediately impressed with the young man. He insisted on leaving me with an inscribed copy of the book. I promised him I'd read it and let him know what I thought.While I'm an older guy and can't relate much to the angst of his lifestyle or generation, I can still appreciate the overall story of heartbreak, bad decisions, relationshi [...]

    6. What makes this so great is what also makes it so difficult, which in my opinion makes it all the greater. Shamir doesn't soften how ugly it is feeling completely lost and empty and overwhelmed. This book wants you to feel feelings you'd maybe rather not feel. In this book a lot of times you don't know where you're going, and it can be frustrating--but this doesn't feel like it's an unintended effect. He's capturing how being hopeless and suffering from depression, when not romanticized, are jus [...]

    7. Train to Pokipse is the best work of transgressive fiction I’ve read in the past five years, period. Shamir’s style combines the sinister aplomb of Dennis Cooper with the bleak paranoia of Bret Easton Ellis in his Less Than Zero days. Shamir gives voice to every one of us who has battled tooth-and-nail with addiction, suffered a broken heart delivered more like a knife in the guts, and stared down the long black barrel of what it means to seriously contemplate suicide. Train to Pokipse force [...]

    8. Rami Shamir has been compared to J.D. Salinger, by the late and great editor, Barney Rosset, of Grove Press, and I can attest to this perceptive comparison. Like Salinger, Shamir has succeeded in throwing the covers off the raw experience of his generation: the X Generation, the Next Generation, the Y Generation, "Generation Nothing," my generation. This book is written in an inwardly raw and lonesomely gritty style that sheds light on the utter disappointment, hardness, and bone-chilling grief [...]

    9. Train To Pokipse is the best example of the contemporary workings of the expressionistic mind. The poetic language - obsessive description - emotional attachment/detachment of the narrator captures the sparking synapses of life on the edge. If you only read five books this year (good for you) make this two of them - it deserves a second read.

    10. I'll just give it 4 stars for now, but I definitely want to sit on this before I write a review, especially since this is the fastest I've ever read a novel, even if it is a pretty short one.

    11. I was asked by the author to review this story for a free copy.Let me start by saying that I wasn’t sure about this one. This story was something completely different from my usual reading material. On that note, “Train to Pokipse” was beautifully written. There were certain lines throughout that had me thinking the author would make a good poet. The story, although I don’t think story is the right word, came across as being more of diary/journal entries all put together, hence it had a [...]

    12. There's plenty of nastiness in POKIPSE. But, it's the free-falling pace and dreamy nostalgia that really charms you. I was reminded of Phillip Roth and Saul Bellow and their cutting views on American culture and the tragic and devastating vignettes that fill their novels. I do believe that in TRAIN TO POKIPSE, Shamir has set great and critical themes about the individual and American culture into motion.

    13. Rami Shamir is everything you want in a writer; brilliant in the details and deeply empathic, with a concise, lyrical prose style.

    14. In my teens, I lived a similar way. In my 20s, reading about sex, drugs, booze, and sordid nighttime escapades was of great interest to me. Having been there and come out on the other side, the artistic take on such a lifestyle was appealing. Now, in my 30s all I see is my own former: self-degrading, emptiness, loneliness, sadness, unsatisfiable yearning to escape. I found myself remembering how infatuated I was with Henry Miller, walking the streets of Paris wanting to feel his spirit, make it [...]

    15. Preface: I was given a copy of this book so I could give it a review.I'm at a point in my life now where I'm forced to confront the fact that maybe, just maybe, things aren't intended for me. Maybe I'm too old, too rational, too whatever and some things I just won't get. Train to Pokipse is one of these things. To be clear, I know many people with whom this novel will strike a clear, harmonic chord. It has hints of Ellis, splashes of Palahniuk, and even strikes a couple of notes that remind me o [...]

    16. i'm reading this right now! A Bildungsroman set in Gay clubs and a liberal arts college on the Hudson. I can't remember if this is stated, but I think it's supposed to be a private school because the beginning is about his boyfriend who is rich and how the narrator has to hide his poverty, though I get the impression that the narrator lives in Port Jefferson, Suffolk County NY which is not really so poor. Why doesn't anyone ever write books about coming of age at a State College?

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