Waterkill Waterkill Weaves Nanoscience and Cult Religious Terrorism into a Major Threat to Western Civilization With the mysterious outbreak of a deadly disease in a Yemeni village followed by an increase in t

  • Title: Waterkill
  • Author: Mark Donovan
  • ISBN: 9781517656492
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Waterkill Weaves Nanoscience and Cult Religious Terrorism into a Major Threat to Western Civilization With the mysterious outbreak of a deadly disease in a Yemeni village, followed by an increase in terrorist chatter after the crash of a small airplane in eastern Alaska, CEO Dr Dave Henson and colleague Ron Blackwell of NSurv Inc are tapped by the Department of Homelan Waterkill Weaves Nanoscience and Cult Religious Terrorism into a Major Threat to Western Civilization With the mysterious outbreak of a deadly disease in a Yemeni village, followed by an increase in terrorist chatter after the crash of a small airplane in eastern Alaska, CEO Dr Dave Henson and colleague Ron Blackwell of NSurv Inc are tapped by the Department of Homeland Security to locate the aircraft wreckage and its suspected deadly contents While Henson and Blackwell are in the eastern mountains of Alaska helping the U.S Border Patrol locate the missing aircraft and its contents, Dave s wife, internationally known journalist Dana Cogswell, goes missing while covering another sudden and suspicious epidemic in a small town in Germany Dave races from Alaska to Germany to rescue Dana and ends up on a quest to the Middle East to find her Along the way he learns of a shocking betrayal of friendship and that the path to Dana ultimately leads to the terrorist leader behind the deadly outbreaks.

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    1. Mark Donovan

      I live in New Hampshire and have spent three plus decades working in various engineering and marketing roles in the high tech field around the New Hampshire Boston area I hold degrees in electrical engineering and business, and have seven patents associated with sensor technology and communications I m also a private pilot and amateur radio operator.I released my first novel, Nano Surveillance , a techno thriller in 2013, and my second novel, Waterkill , another techno thriller, in November, 2015.I have also authored 32 eBooks and 2,000 articles on a wide variety of home improvement topics via my website HomeAdditionPlus Many of my articles are syndicated around the United States.I love reading, flying, skiing and being outdoors with family and friends.

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    1. What an exciting fast paced scientific thriller Waterkill was. The story takes you into a world of what ifs and this could really happen and just surrounds you with suspense. A great plot and an amazingly skillful manner of writing made this beg for all five stars.

    2. Wow, this book really impressed me. Mark Donovan certainly has a talent for writing, and I found myself lost between the pages for many enjoyable hours in this fabulous story. The scary thing is something like this plot could certainly be a reality. Aref Zarin wanted to unleash hell on the west, as they were responsible for killing his family years ago. However he won’t be satisfied with just targeting America, and he’s decided to extend his plans of terror on Europe as well. Aref isn’t go [...]

    3. "Waterkill" by Mark Donovan is a captivating read that will keep you hooked from start to finish. This is a work of fiction but the story is compelling and told in such a way that it makes you feel as if this can actually happen in today's world.

    4. Well I am biased here since I wrote the book. This said, if you like thrillers that take you on adventures to different parts of the world and involve science, espionage and terrorism, then I think you will enjoy this book.

    5. Mark Donovan has created a unique, fast-paced, thrilling, suspense, must read book. There, did I cover it all? Nope. Waterkill has just the right amount of science to make the story not only believable, but I had to stop and remind myself many times that what I was reading was fiction. With all the terror activities around the world, this novel fit right in. I could just picture it happening. There was a perfect mix of so much, that the story never got bogged down in science, in suspense, in act [...]

    6. A must read! A fast pacing intriguing story that you will not be able to put down. Mark Donovan has done a fantastic job of coupling high technology with bio-tourism to tell a story that’s not only riveting but could be true in today’s world of geopolitics. The suspense starts on page one and continues to the very end. It is a must read for those that enjoy a real thriller.

    7. michellebookends/"All of the men erupted in the room simultaneously and began repeating the world "Waterkill." After allowing his men to express their pleasure for a few seconds, and for him to take personal delight in their praise, Aref waived his hands to silence them. Again, the men instantly responded to his command and quieted down. "I am sure some of you may be dismayed that we tested this new weapon on people from our own religious community. I want to respond to your concerns before any [...]

    8. Waterkill by Author Mark Donovan is a fast -paced story with some intense twists and turns and surprises along the way. But I tell you this I thoroughly enjoyed this great story. Author Mark Donovan has given us a story that hooks you right from the first chapter until the very last one, and then will leave you wanting more from him. This story is about a terrorism attack on the western civilization . But soon after a test attack grabs the attention of the homeland security ,they bring in Dave H [...]

    9. I was offered a copy in exchange for an honest review; but I decided to just purchase a copy for myself; the premise behind the novel looked promising, and I was extremely intrigued.  The body of the story, for the most part, didn’t disappoint, except for the dialogue.  This is the first book I’ve ever read where the dialogue actually made the book worse; it is so lackluster and stilted, instead of adding to thrills of the situation, it took away.  There were almost no emotions in any of [...]

    10. There is a lot of action in this book! A lot!There are a lot of detailed descriptions in this book on things like airplanes, surveillance, and bit about nanoscience, and it made me feel like I was reading a proper manly man equivalent of a book… Not that it couldn’t be enjoyed by female audience. It’s just that if I imagined this book, it would be a man. Full of action in different locations, all tied to a single goal by the terrorists. Rescue operations, self-preservation, lots of travel [...]

    11. "Awesome And Realistic Terrorist Story"In the dark of night, a terrorist hides in a Yemenis village. He's got explicit orders and if he does not accomplish his mission, his entire family will pay with their lives. In Canada, a small plane is headed to Fairbanks, Alaska, and crashes during a blizzard. Aboard the plane is a silver metal briefcase, containing a deadly secret. In Munich, Germany, a conference on Nano-structures (the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules) is interrupted by a [...]

    12. I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy this at first, but all in all it did not disappoint. If you are looking for a thriller that will keep you interested this will be a good choice for you. I'm not always a huge fan of this genre. Some writers go a little too far and make it too unbelievable, but Donovan finds a perfect balance between being unique enough not to bore us with things we've read before and still realistic enough for it to seem possible. An Eco-terrorism book has to seem plausible in [...]

    13. The story is fast paced after the initial chapters setting up the story. You have the terrorists, the special forces teams, tech gadgets, the beautiful but not helpless damsel in distress. Did I mention gadgets? Mark brings some serious tech knowhow to the storyline. If these things exist, and I am not doubting some do, there is some seriously cool stuff going on in the world. Mark also does a good job of creating a sense of urgency in the story and an ending that just makes sense. He takes the [...]

    14. These days media is booming with another terrorist attack so what is best thing to do, than watch TV? Read a good book that treats the subject. And the best book, I read recently was Waterkill written by Mark J. Donovan. A book you can’t put down making you forget about everything around youscalime.wordpress/2015/

    15. WaterKill is a fast-paced book with surprising twists! It is not one you will want to put down. This book allows you to delve into the complicated connection between technology and terrorism. I highly recommend this book!!

    16. Waterkill Dave Henson Series Bk 0 by Mark Donovan Review Death, kidnapping, crashed plane and all of them have secrets!A Yemenis man tragically loses his family, a plane disappears into the Alaskan bush carrying a secret, and thousands suddenly die in a German town. Dave Henson is tapped by the U.S. government to help solve the related mysteries but finds himself drawn in deeper when his wife goes missing. With the mysterious outbreak of a deadly disease in a Yemeni village, followed by an incre [...]

    17. If you have been through surgery or a colonoscopy where general anesthesia is given, you will understand what it is like to see a commercial for water, cola or other hydration, or open the refrigerator, and want something to drink. Your mouth goes dry and it is all you can do to avoid pouring yourself a drink.Now imagine the water you drink, that you use to fix your meals or your coffee has been tainted by a bioengineered contagion that normally is only found in locations without the benefit of [...]

    18. Be careful what you drink!This novel is written as an action mystery, but does contain aspects of a cutting edge technology that is shrouded in the secrecy of DARPA and other Federal government agencies. The story opens in a small southwest Yemenis village. A strange Arab has a mission to carry out by terrorists and if he doesn’t follow through, his entire family will be killed. He is sweating, both from the extreme heat and nerves, but he manages to pull a small metal cylinder out of a bag an [...]

    19. Ok, the story wasn’t bad, but it’s not a national best seller either. It’s a pretty basic terrorist book that comes up with a unique way to kill millions of people. The writing is kind of predictable. We have two main people initially, David and Dana, both are successful and have a lot going for them. Dave owns an advanced scientific-type company that’s into nano machinery and how nano particles may be able to help humans in medicine and many other areas of research and development. He h [...]

    20. A downed Cessna aircraft carrying a deadly biochemical weapon deep in the Alaskan wilderness opens this technothriller from author Mark Donovan. The action heats up quickly as governmental agencies from Canada, the U.S and a mysterious unknown force race to find the wrecked plane.Dave Hensen and Ron Matthews, civilian colleagues called in to help with the search, are also approaching the plane. Suddenly, shots ring out and a bomb explodes, knocking both men to the snowy ground. When they regain [...]

    21. Waterkill by Mark Donovan is a well-researched, face-paced international thriller dealing with the horrifying topic of biological weapons in the hands of fanatical terrorists. (I don’t rehash plots in my reviews because everyone else does, and one can simply read the synopsis above.) Waterkill moves fast from one continent to another, with plenty of details for those who enjoy military weaponry and tactics, the science of nanoparticles, aircraft, and more. The book also explores the twisted mi [...]

    22. MY THOUGHTS The author gives the reader a fast paced story that has some interesting surprises and keeps your interest with its changing paths. I had read only a few pages when I found I was getting more and more into the book. By the end of the book I was totally hooked. I found the plot to be very educational and action packed. The plot is so very much today. Look at the terrorism taking place in the world. This book is about just that, a terrorism attack on western civilization. So many peopl [...]

    23. Mark was very current with the information in this book as well as the attention to the details of the story. For me, it was a new, original take on terrorism and the paths it can lead different individuals down. I found a few items in the book that caused me to highlight them as well as add notes of my own for future reference.As the story unfolds, you get an idea of just how revenge, distorted views, and perception can work. Sometimes they work together and sometimes they do not. Either way, t [...]

    24. Before I do my review, I have to put up this disclaimer: I received this product from Mark Donovan for free for my honest review. Any and all opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone. I received no financial compensation for this review.This was a fantastic book to read. It draws you in from the first chapter and keeps you turning those pages to find out what exactly is going to happen. I think I read this book in 2 nights, going to bed early one night just to read it…lol.I li [...]

    25. This book is about a terrorist organization that is plotting a huge attack on the western civilization. After a test attack grabs the attention of homeland security, they bring in Dave and his organization to help retrieve what they believe is the answer to the attacks on a remote village. Once this is retrieved, they are tasked with identifying what it is and of course to prevent/reverse it. Dave's wife, Dana, is kidnapped in Germany and so Dave begins a long journey of tracking her across coun [...]

    26. Not all badDisclaimer: I was offered a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. I declined the offer and purchased a copy.WATERKILL, by Mark Donavan, while fairly well plotted, with a well-motivated villain, suffers badly from a lack of editing, and too great a reliance on a spell-checking program. WATERKILL could have risen above the two stars awarded here if the author had made the effort to employ an editor, or at the very least, a proofreader with the education and intellig [...]

    27. So. Honestly for the first few pages in this book I was wondering what I have gotten myself into. I mean either a book is about a girl in / on / under or the book is about vampires or terrorism. So I gave a long suffering sigh. Put on my big girl pants and got to it. It being reading and what a pleasant surprise it turned into. Oh yes. It is about terrorism but it is also about love, hope, co-opperation and it brings the merciless nature of terrorist to a brilliant shine when it spotlights how f [...]

    28. What's your favorite genre? Drama? Sci-fi? Action? Suspense? Got you covered with Waterkill.Dr. Dave Henson is a genius in nanotechnology. His wife, Dana, a correspondent with ABC news. Travel the globe, throw in a few terrorist plots, a dash of murder and a pinch of intense hatred and stir vigorously. You've created Waterkill, the latest from the accomplished author Mark Donovan. A true page turner, it was hard to put down. I would have awarded 5 stars had it not been over so quickly (read: I w [...]

    29. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is a mixture of Terrorism and TechnoThriller A terrorist group uses a nanotechnologic based bioweapon to wipe out populations. Dave Henson is called into action because of his expertise in this field. While he's away, Dave's wife, Dana, has been kidnapped to be used as a pawn in the the terrorist's grand finale. Will Dave be able to save his wife while thwarting more devastation?Overall, I liked the story. It wasn't over t [...]

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