Crude Knox Shepherd is a total d k A really really big one He s a swaggering cocky prick who blows through women the same way he roars around town on that motorcycle of his fast Sure I wasn t supposed to

  • Title: Crude
  • Author: Aubrey Irons
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Knox Shepherd is a total d k A really, really big one He s a swaggering, cocky prick who blows through women the same way he roars around town on that motorcycle of his fast Sure, I wasn t supposed to be sneaking out to bars or singing at open mics, but that didn t give him a right to talk to me like that No one s ever said those things to me before filthy, raunc Knox Shepherd is a total d k A really, really big one.He s a swaggering, cocky prick who blows through women the same way he roars around town on that motorcycle of his fast Sure, I wasn t supposed to be sneaking out to bars or singing at open mics, but that didn t give him a right to talk to me like that No one s ever said those things to me before filthy, raunchy, crude suggestions that made me literally run for the door Suggestions I wish didn t make me feel so funny inside But hey, no big deal, right It s not like I d ever have to see that smug, foul mouthed jerk ever again If only he weren t standing with that cocky smirk on my front porch right now, right next to my father s new fianc His mother Yeah, that unbearable prick is going to be my new stepbrother OK, he s gorgeous, and every time he looks at me I can practically hear him whisper deliciously dirty things in my ear And maybe something about his cocky swagger makes me think I should break some rules for once Maybe something about him makes me not so sure I want to go to college still holding on to my V card But I definitely don t want to lose it to my stepbrother Ew So why can t I stop thinking about it This is a standalone book with a HEA NO CLIFFHANGER This edition also includes a FREE BONUS BOOK Heat Book 1 in the Soldiers of Fortune Series approx 60,000 words

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      Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Aubrey Irons enjoys writing about bold, sassy, and intelligent women and the hot, cocky, and quite typically forbidden bad boys who love and lust for them Gripping stories, guaranteed happy ever afters, and LOTS of heat.In the real world, Aubrey is kept plenty entertained by her own favorite bad boy husband, their two adorable kiddos, and the world s most ill behaved puppy.Sign up for my mailing list for new release news, author giveaways, ARC opportunities, and zero spam Plus, get a free bad boy ebook for joining Use this link to sign up eepurl bu3 3PStalker Links Newsletter eepurl bu3 3PFacebook facebook AubreyIronsRWebsite aubreyironsTwitter twitter AubreyIronsInstagram instagram aubreyirons Spotify play.spotify user aubreyi

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    1. Just an okay readrt of like a Romeo & Juliette of a forbidden affair with a predictable HEA, which, in this case ended up pretty good for them! *wink*

    2. I received this for an honest review. This was the first book I have read of Aubrey Irons. To be honest when I first started reading the book I thought it was going to be like most I read when it came to stepbrother books. That it was the same layout. I was so wrong. You are so in for a treat in this book. I loved it!!!!Paige McCauley was this talented young woman. She had her future laid out for her. She wanted to make her father happy but had this hidden love. She loved more then classical mus [...]

    3. 1 Disappointing-Star ☆The story was okay, but there were a couple problems I was counting a lot of stars while reading this book. It had it's ups and downs but mainly downs. :(+1★: Knox heard Paige masterbating and decided to walk in on her. ;) thats hot!-1★: the word 'crude' was used way too much. That was basically the only word used to describe him besides arrogant and it was used in almost every paragraph. I know it's the title of the book, but i hate when terms are shoved down your th [...]

    4. BooK :Crude: A Stepbrother Romance Rating : 2 1/2 stars My thougts about it I always have time for a good stepbrothers love affair, I find them to be so hot , that I always jump to the idea of a new good one , but the truth is , that there are just to many of this books that are so so or just plain old bad ones so I guess that’s why it took me a while to get around this book , it just didn’t do it for me I guess ?!! There's nothing bad about it , it just didn’t get my complete attention , [...]

    5. This was okay and short but I finished this longer than usual because I got busy with schoolI think I am forever waiting with a step brother romance story with a pregnant heroine at the end Can anyone recommend it to me??

    6. I received this book for FREE TO GIVE MY TRUE & HONEST REVIEWOmfg this was pretty HOT f##ing brilliant. I loved the pretty arrogant, love himself, bad boy Knox (though he's not really a bad boy) & the ever such goody good shoes Paige, who is such a Daddy's Girl, who is to me being groomed to become a classical pianist but has to hide the love of her writing in the Indy Genre. And they first come across each other when Paige sings at a bar Knox & his friends are at. Then they meet aga [...]

    7. Typical but enjoyable bad boy/goody two shoes girl forbidden romance.At first I didn’t like Knox that much. He wasn’t just crude, he was also kind of an obnoxious dick in the beginning. But once he and Paige kissed he was much less objectionable I think because he was focussed on getting Paige because he liked her and not in a I just want to score way. And I also thought he was pretty tolerant of Paige’s hot n cold freak outs (of which there were many). Kind of reminded me of Prick by Sabr [...]

    8. This is the first book that I have read from Aubrey Irons and I gotta say I was impressed,it was well written.I usually don't go for stepbrother romances but decided to give it a try,I was hook .It got a little slow in the middle but quickly picked up.I love the teasing that Knox did to Paige and all their sex were hot and sweet :)

    9. Knox and Paige were great together. They knew they should not be attracted to each other but lust kept pulling them in. They were opposites, but opposites attract. Knox was able to get Paige to come out of her shell. Paige realized she can't be hiding herself anymore. Her dad might not have approved but in the end love won out!

    10. This was such an amazingly well written book. The chemistry for Paige and Knox was put of this world. The storyline was brilliant and erotic. I'm not quite sure why this book would have been taken off the shelves so to speak. It was enthralling and romantic in that sexy raw way. Loved it!!

    11. I totally loved Knox and Paige ! Knox sexy biker with brains ,Paige talent student, love music . Her dad owns the company Knox's dad worked for and his mom is now going to marry. Totally enjoyed this read 4💞

    12. Completely enjoyed this story. Knox is a a**hole who seems to touch Paiges buttonsby antagonizing her. They soon find out they are to be stepbrother and stepsister.While encouraging Paige to follow her dream, they become close. Chemistry is strongbetween the two and makes for a good read

    13. Very well written. Great story. Loved the epilogue gave just enough to be able to close the book without NEEDING more.

    14. It was good, especially in the beginning."Paige" annoyed me sometimes."Knox" was everything i was expecting from a 'bad' boy character.

    15. Book Review By: Kristy DeanTitle: Crude: A stepbrother romanceAuthor: Aubrey IronsPages: 150+Price: $.99 (at the time of posting)(Arc for honest review)Authors writing style: This is the first book that I have reviewed for Aubrey Irons. I was hooked from the beginning. The story is detailed and you could relate to the characters and the events happening. This is a story that I would read again as well as other works from this author. Overview: (May contain spoilers). Paige was a good girl. She w [...]

    16. A game of cat and mouse that's thrilling to read. Again, this kind of story is so much fun!The teasing from Knox is merciless, but also hot as it makes good-girl Paige all flustered in a bad way. She's prim and proper due to a strict father, yet she has dreams pushing to come out. Good combination, and vital for the couple's relationship. I liked that a lot.The story has a quick-fire rhythm thanks to short chapters that alternate between the characters' point of view. Knox is a crude bad boy who [...]

    17. I thought this was amazingly well written, I can easily identify with Paige. Every girls dream and nightmare. A hot, sexy bad boy invading all aspects of their life. And as usual bad boys being bad, has her itied up in knots. Then there is the subplot which makes the story a little more interesting. Dare we say dirty? Hmm. Well that's for you to decide. An then we have Knox, appropriately named. The classic bad boy always in trouble, never doing what he should or could. And all of sudden this ho [...]

    18. ubrey is a hell of an author, she never lets me down, always pushing the limits, and boundries which I absolutely love!! This isnt just another step story this one really does push in every way possible! Paige is pretty much a good girl, she loves to sing , an she loves to do in in front of an audience, she's a sweet girl. Knox on the other hand is a piece of work. He's ignorant, cocky, and doesn't care what comes out of his mouth. Not to mention very sexy! He always has crude comments to say to [...]

    19. Crude is a good description for this book and its lead male character. because that is just what he is around his soon to be stepsister. but is it all a ruse to hide his true feelings? what started out as just getting a rise out of her grows into immense proportions he never imagined. will these two youngsters manage to find a middle ground to co-exist or is giving in easier to cope with the attraction?there is always that forbidden feeling reading a genre like this but it's writing it in such a [...]

    20. This is a very different story about Paige and Knox two young people with parents who are about to be married. Paige has met Knox at a club she shouldn't have been to. Paige has a lovely voice and her dream is to sing. Which is opposite of what her dad wants her to do. Can she grab hold of her dream and go her own way? Knox is the bad boy who has a need to help Paige acquire her dream. He needs to grow into his potential to become a well rounded individual. Can these two find happiness together? [...]

    21. Wow! Just wow! This is only the third book by Aubrey Irons that I've read, and I must admit that I like her style.I'm quite apprehensive about step brother romance themed books. Because, I can't imagine myself being in that predicament. But honestly, the first two step brother romance that I've read from Aubrey makes me reconsider. While I don't have a step brother to test the waters, I truly enjoyed Aubrey's novels. Especially this one, since it's funnier and a bit lighter. No heavy shit, but s [...]

    22. I loved this book. I'm not much for a Stepbrother romance book, but this one was amazing. It's not just a story about forbidden romance; it's a story of young love. You get your tattooed, misunderstood bad-boy and naive good-girl. There isn't anything annoying for me in this book that can be common in this genre. You get your HEA with a nice epilogue. Take the time to read this as well as Aubrey Irons' "Soldiers of Fortune" series. You won't be disappointed.I received a copy of this book in exch [...]

    23. This book is about Paige, a nerdy good girl who always follows the rules, and Knox, a crude and cocky prick who is a womanizer, whose parents surprise them by getting engaged. Knox is an Alpha male who has tattoos and piercings while driving his motorcycle. Paige is a sweet girl who spends her time playing her piano and studying. These two are totally opposites however they just click, and no matter how much Paige resists Knox she just can't stay away. They have a lot of factors against them in [...]

    24. I didn't actually finish this book. I love stepbrother romances when they're done right. I just didn't find this one to be one of them. It's the same old song, heroine wants to be someone her father doesn't want her to be so she lives her life pretending. The main male character I just couldn't get into. At some point I may go back and finish it and then come back here and edit my review, but at this time it didn't do it for me.

    25. Hot!!!So I'm not big into new adult romances but I picked this one up because of the author. I have become a huge fan of Aubrey Irons. This book had her name so I bought it and so glad that I did. It was hot, sexy, steamy and I didn't want to put it down. I'm so glad she has become one of my must read authors. I can't wait to see what she has for us to read next.

    26. I really enjoyed this book. This is my first read from Ms. Irons. I loved how Paige and Knox tried to stay away from each other, but were unable to. Knox really had his work cut out for him in getting Paige to "lighten up." At times, it was quite funny how they got on each other's nerves. In the end, love always wins, and the epilogue was perfect.

    27. I skimmed this. It just didn't grab me at all. I didn't care about Knox or whats-her-name enough I guess. The parents, especially the dad, were really annoying and like the other characters in the book, were also very flat.I didn't bother reading the free book before I deleted this. I'm really not having much luck with books lately. :(

    28. The book was good. I like the stepmother books. And like I said it was a good book. The second book "Heat" was a great book. This is a soldier of fortune book and had the whole opposites attract going on. It kept my interest throughout the book. I highly recommend this book w a good read. SQ

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