Bluebells in the Mourning

Bluebells in the Mourning Is it true that can be lost that love cannot find Jane Austen s beloved Pride and Prejudice is readapted in this Regency tale of love in the face of tragedy Mr Darcy is thwarted in his attempt to prop

  • Title: Bluebells in the Mourning
  • Author: KaraLynne Mackrory
  • ISBN: 9781936009237
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • Is it true that can be lost that love cannot find Jane Austen s beloved Pride and Prejudice is readapted in this Regency tale of love in the face of tragedy Mr Darcy is thwarted in his attempt to propose to Elizabeth Bennet at Hunsford when he encounters her minutes after she receives the sad news from Longbourn of her sister s death His gallantry andIs it true that can be lost that love cannot find Jane Austen s beloved Pride and Prejudice is readapted in this Regency tale of love in the face of tragedy Mr Darcy is thwarted in his attempt to propose to Elizabeth Bennet at Hunsford when he encounters her minutes after she receives the sad news from Longbourn of her sister s death His gallantry and compassion as he escorts her back to Hertfordshire begins to unravel the many threads of her discontent with him While her family heals from their loss, Darcy must search London for answers answers that might bring justice but also might just mark the end of his own hopes with Elizabeth.

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    1. I have been meaning to read this one for some time so I was glad that this one was a voter's choice from our reading challenge group. I have read one other book and a short story from this author and enjoyed her light, heartwarming style of telling a story. Even when her story allows for high angst, she balances the emotions with other elements which suit my tastes well.While this is a variation of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, it is written in such a way that those only vaguely or not fa [...]

    2. I read this again in paperback which I won as part of the raffle grand prize for The Darcy Monologues.I laughed, I cried, I smiled so hard my cheeks hurt and I sighed many times this is how a romance reads?!Sometimes I had to cry with sorrow - any parent, any family that loses a child, whether small or grown loses a part of their heart. Then to later learn, can't saywould reveal part of the tragedybut learning that additional fact made it even that much more sorrowful. Wickham truly got what he [...]

    3. Okay, so I admit that I never really saw myself as entering the world of Jane Austen fan fiction, let alone starting reading novel variations and 'what ifs'. But lately I discovered Amanda Grange's series of Jane Austen hero diaries and started to develop a liking for re-tellings through another character's perspective. I still wasn't too keen on trying a variation of one of Jane Austen's novels though, as in my opinion her books are already wonderful as they are and I didn't especially want to [...]

    4. Heart wrenching, mind blowing reveal[s], intrigue, tearful grief as death comes to the Bennet householdI loved this touching, heart wrenching book. I was immediately engaged as Elizabeth received the express and learned of the death of a Bennet family member. While Elizabeth struggled with her grief, she also struggled with rioting emotions and feelings regarding Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy had his own bout with grief as his proposal was interrupted by the arrival of that express. From that point on, h [...]

    5. Instead of receiving Jane's misdirected letter and disheartening news at the Lambton Inn, Lizzy receives a letter (where the address was written “remarkably ill”) during her stay at Hunsford Parsonage. Instead of Jane's news containing the ill-tidings of a sister's elopement and possible ruination, she reports the unfortunate illness and unexpected death of a beloved sister!What will happen when Mr. Darcy arrives just a few moments later to propose?WellMr. Darcy doesn't propose – doesn't m [...]

    6. Here is a Pride and Prejudice variation for all you romantics! I really loved this book. We pick up the story with Elizabeth at the Hunsford Parsonage. She ducks out of dinner with Lady Catherine to read 2 letters from Jane that have just arrived (one had been misdirected, the address being written very ill indeed). Darcy arrives to propose, as in canon and finds Lizzy very distraught, having just found out that one of her sisters has had a fall from Oakham Mount and has died from her injuries.O [...]

    7. BLUEBELLS IN THE MOURNING by KaraLynne MackroryI've been wanting to read this one for such a long time as I'd heard really good things about it. Safe to say, I wasn't disappointed in the slightest now that I've dug it out of my rather substantial TBR collection. This story starts in Kent, assuming all the details of canon up till this point. Darcy is about to to make that ill-fated proposal at Hunsford when Elizabeth receives letters telling of tragic news at home. Some of you may know what that [...]

    8. This story was absolutely wonderful. KaraLynne Mackrory's stories are definitely some of my absolute favourites! And on re-reading it, it was just as wonderful, if not more. I will begin with the storyline; when I read the blurb I was intrigued. I thought it was an interesting way to take the story. In variations which include a death, the death is normally of Mr Bennet so I was interested in having the death of one of her sisters (Lydia). Lydia was out for a walk when she slips and hits her hea [...]

    9. Reread 10/15/16I've read quite a bit more JAFF since the first time I read this book, and it occurs to me now that there are a ton of stories where Mr. Bennet dies, but not many where one of the sisters dies instead. It makes for a very different feel, where the family has to mourn, but they aren't in immediate danger of poverty. It's quieter with that lack of danger, but sometimes I'm really in the mood for that. The Wickham storyline is pretty satisfying, too.Original read 10/11/15I enjoyed th [...]

    10. Loved! One of the P & P variations that got it right. Perfect.Reread: This book is perfection. Oh, I just love this author's work. If you haven't read this, time to do so!Reread again!: I needed to read this one again as I was mistaken as to who the "mourning" was for. Such a pleasure!

    11. This is the second KaraLynne Mackrory novel I have read, and for me, the other one—Haunting Mr. Darcy—worked better. The reason I prefer it, I think, is that Mackrory’s Regency-period scholarship is a little thin, and the premise of Haunting Mr. Darcy allows for violations of decorum on the part of the characters. In Bluebells in the Mourning, those violations bothered me more because they were happening in the characters’ real lives, not in dream life. There were also some distracting f [...]

    12. This Pride and Prejudice variation picks up when Elizabeth receives the letter from Jane about Lydia, only instead of containing news that her youngest sister has run off with Wickham, the note informs Lizzy that Lydia has had an accidental fall while out on a walk with Wickham and died as a result of her injuries. So instead of proposing to her and being rejected, Mr. Darcy is there to help Elizabeth as she grieves and to escort her and Maria Lucas home. And then it turns out there may be foul [...]

    13. This is a very very very good book. But I followed it with an amazing book and I fear that has biased my review slightly. This Pride and Prejudice What if asks what if Darcy didn't propose at Rosings (Hunsford, Kent) because Lizzy receives bad news of the death of a family member. This is not the first book I have read that offers a similar option but I believe it handles it best. As that Darcy & Col. Fitzwilliam were already departing Rosings they are able to offer Lizzy and Maria assistanc [...]

    14. I loved this story! I was struck by how many good things came out of this tragic event. Even though, there is a death in the family and, to that end, some grieving, it wasn’t a heavy book. In fact, I found Bluebells in the Mourning a fun and enjoyable read!Darcy arrives at the parsonage just moments after Elizabeth receives news that one of her dearly beloved sisters has been in an accident and died. Instead of the planned proposal, Darcy offers to escort Elizabeth and Maria Lucas to London. O [...]

    15. This is a great P&P variation. Highly recommend. Great plot twist, ample misunderstandings for D & E to suffer through. Then Darcy knocks Wickham out cold what more could you want? They even pull one over on Lady C. (which is a nice change as I was getting tired of reading her rantings in other P&P variations). Happy endings all around with a neat little epilogue to tie up the loose ends. Makes me smile :)Read: July 9, 2014Read: March 25, 2015

    16. A Pride and Prejudice continuation, this book was astounding!!  Seriously, I was blown away by the lyrical prose that captured the very essence of a Jane Austen inspired fiction novel.  What a pleasant surprise from this new to me author, KaraLynne MacKrory.  I requested this book on the back cover summary alone and cannot believe how utterly engaging and phenomenal it was. The story opens shortly after Elizabeth becomes privy to Mr. Darcy's foiling of Mr. Bingley's attempts to form an attach [...]

    17. Bluebells in the mourning è una variation del famoso romanzo di Jane Austen, Orgoglio e pregiudizio.Il mourning del titolo, ovvero il lutto, è dovuto alla morte della piccola Lydia, avvenuta mentre la sorella maggiore Elizabeth si trova ad Hunsford. Proprio per tale motivo, la prima, disastrosa dichiarazione di Darcy non ha luogo. L'uomo, infatti, trova Lizzy affranta in casa Collins a causa dell'inaspettata quanto dolorosa notizia, e desiste dal suo proposito, offrendosi invece di ospitare la [...]

    18. -------------------| Blog | Facebook | Twitter |-------------------3.5 Austen.Es un placer leer a esta autora por la calidez de sus descripciones, te envuelve en esa realidad que esta narrando y es como caer en una sensación onírica muy agradable, sobre todo en las interacciones entre los personajes.En esta variación se explora el lado más romántico de Orgullo y prejuicio, no penséis que es cursi o muy afectado porque todo transcurre con continuas pinceladas sutiles de romanticismo, y cier [...]

    19. This re-imagining of Pride and Prejudice begins with a somber carriage ride. Mr. Darcy set out for the Hunsford parsonage with the intention of asking Elizabeth Bennet for her hand, but instead finds her in great distress. She has received word that her sister Lydia suffered a fall and then passed away. What is a gentleman to do but offer himself as an escort home?This struck me from the beginning as a very interesting and original twist. For one, the Bennet family is in mourning, which means Da [...]

    20. I've read over 30 different Pride and Prejudice versions and I must say this is one of my favorites. I had a hard time initially deciding to read this book cause I didn't know if I could bear reading about Lizzys loss of a sister. Rest assured its not Jane but it still starts off very sad. It's amazing how death can bring people together though and this is what we see in this novel. And I'm not just talking about Lizzy and Darcy although the quest for them to find happiness together is the main [...]

    21. This was an interesting adaptation where Darcy doesn't propose in Hunsford, as Elizabeth finds out that one of her sisters dies. Darcy then is compelled to take Elizabeth back to Hertfordshire to be with her family.I actually give this book a 3.5, or maybe a 3.75 lol. It's just not quite to four for me. I guess my biggest complaint is just Elizabeth's attitude in the beginning of the book. She is just beyond rude to Darcy. Elizabeth is rude in P&P, but not when he actually is nice being down [...]

    22. What a lovely variation, very original! This was a very tender and romantic story.I loved the way quotes from Elizabeth from the original P&P were here used by Darcy and vice versa. Georgiana was very cute as a matchmaker.I liked the author's first book, Falling for Mr. Darcy, but this one was even better!

    23. Tragic beginning but a sweet storyThis story starts in Hunsford before Darcy makes his ill-fated proposal. Elizabeth gets word of a tragedy at home and Darcy offers to take her home. From there, the story takes the reader (and Darcy/Elizabeth) on a journey that includes anger, love, reconciliation, love, grief, love, peace, a wicked misunderstanding based on a failure to communicate and a finally a HEA. It’s a great journey and one I’ve now taken twice.

    24. Not badFinally separate weddings for the sisters! Must we have the requisite redistribution of Austen's words? I feel like there are some rules to this universe that I am not privvy to. Like first names never mentioned in the book. Is there a limit to the amount of originality allowed?

    25. This is missing much of the original sparkle of the characters. It feels flat and involves more "telling" than showing, which is always a bit tedious. I didn't finish this book and lost interest about 30% through.

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