Bij de Glimlach van mijn Vader

Bij de Glimlach van mijn Vader The Mundo are a new tribe created by the intermingling of escaped Black slaves and native Indians in the Mexican Sierras Ineligible for academic funding a husband and wife team of African American a

  • Title: Bij de Glimlach van mijn Vader
  • Author: Alice Walker Irma van Dam
  • ISBN: 9789041701237
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mundo are a new tribe, created by the intermingling of escaped Black slaves and native Indians in the Mexican Sierras Ineligible for academic funding, a husband and wife team of African American anthropologists pose as Christian missionaries to secure sponsorship to live among the Mundo and study their culture This soul stifling deception underlies the family tragedyThe Mundo are a new tribe, created by the intermingling of escaped Black slaves and native Indians in the Mexican Sierras Ineligible for academic funding, a husband and wife team of African American anthropologists pose as Christian missionaries to secure sponsorship to live among the Mundo and study their culture This soul stifling deception underlies the family tragedy at the heart of Alice Walker s novel, her first in six years The father, preaching the message of his puritanical Protestant sponsors, is sucked into the black cloth of Christianity and blinded to the Mundo s life affirming ways When he discovers his daughter Magdalena s affair with a young Mundo, he beats her with a belt, thus estranging himself from both her and the younger daughter, Susannah The first of several narrative voices to speak is his Dead, he has become an angel who observes his daughters from the other side and seeks to make amends for the pain he inflicted on them in life It is the conceit of By the Light of My Father s Smile that angels have complete access to the consciousness of the living beings they observe One of the book s very first scenes involves the ebullient lovemaking of Susannah and her partner, Pauline, reported in sweaty detail by the angelic paternal voyeur Highly explicit, this set piece is a kind of guerrilla assault on our sensibilities, preparing us to receive Walker s urgent message that sexuality and spirituality are inextricable, that denying one causes the other to atrophy as well The blessings of fathers are, according to this canon, essential to the sexual flowering and spiritual maturity of their female offspring It is in the loss, the conferring, and the claiming of these blessings that the novel finds its narrative thrust By the Light of My Father s Smile is intended perhaps less as a story than as a parable presenting Walker s cosmology for the new millennium one that synthesizes ancient and modern wisdoms in a way that s as artistically daring as it is politically correct Sex is good, repression is evil Dominant is bad, distaff is good European culture is dead meat, the third world is wise, there is ongoing commerce between the living and the dead, great orgasms shall set us free Many readers will agree that a world built upon these precepts surely would be preferable to the one we now inhabit Here, as in previous fictions, Walker the storyteller is spellbinding, Walker the preacher theorist, less so On the other hand, what other novelist risks so bravely or with such generosity, and seeks to give so much With the proper mindset, Walker assures us, anyone can become a member of the Mundo tribe Joyce Thompson

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    1. Alice Walker Irma van Dam

      Alice Walker, one of the United States preeminent writers, is an award winning author of novels, stories, essays, and poetry In 1983, Walker became the first African American woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for fiction with her novel The Color Purple, which also won the National Book Award Her other books include The Third Life of Grange Copeland, Meridian, The Temple of My Familiar, and Possessing the Secret of Joy In her public life, Walker has worked to address problems of injustice, inequality, and poverty as an activist, teacher, and public intellectual.

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    1. Onvan : By The Light Of My Father's Smile - Nevisande : Alice Walker - ISBN : 753819511 - ISBN13 : 9780753819517 - Dar 221 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1998

    2. "When life descends into the pitI must become my own candlewillingly burning myselfto light up the darkness around me"This poem is the last entry of the novel. It tells about the next best thing to "hope" for – creating one's self, not without sacrifice such as getting burned, but also not without gain such as transforming into a flame - a light of hope. Whether by burning or transforming, life is being created; creating is living. This only shows how powerful the novel's chant is: We are clos [...]

    3. holy crap, i say! all right. i had to let this one sit and rumble around before i can get my mind around. i'm not all the way there yet, by any means. however, i have made progress with walker's point about it being not only crucial that parents are honest with their children about sex but that it's soul important to teach them the joy of sex. even further, to give them our blessing to be loved in the way our bodies are meant to be. i think about what our kids are exposed to on a constant basis [...]

    4. Lyrical, honest, sensual, beautiful, harsh all of these words could be truthfully applied to this work. Alice Walker's exploration of sex, love, life, and relationships through the eyes of those who surround us, both living and dead takes the reader on a journey that spans not just the physical geography of the world, but a strange geography of the soul.There were moments that were uncomfortable for me; the beginning chapters were almost too voyeuristic. However, I am certain this was done with [...]

    5. All right, perhaps someone can help clarify something. As part of the creative writing course I'm taking, we had to read the first chapter of Alice Walker's By The Light Of My Father's Smile, which I did. I loved enough to look for it here, but the synopsis sounds nothing like the excerpt. Like, not even remotely similar! The characters and setting are different, the themes don't line up at all, from what I can tell. Yet, the cover and title, even the copyright date are the same.Here's a link to [...]

    6. I have found another literary spirit animal in Alice Walker, and have again developed another of my creepy-strong fan-girl crushes. Wow.First of all, this woman can WRITE. She writes sentences that knock the wind out of you, or have you scrambling for a pen to write them down. Her writing is so supple and fluid; it was such a refreshing read.And the themes she raises were so relevant and meaningful and gut-punchy. I had so many moments of those head-noddy-uhuhuh moments - you know the ones I'm t [...]

    7. Delightful, unusual--I loved the structure and perspectives of the narrators. I think there are fabulous pieces of prose on nearly every page, I just flipped to a random page and will cite a sample here:"At one point Manuelito mumbled something about needing a drink. I would have died for a burger and fries. But we persevered. I thought I had to find on his body those few remaining places where he could still be quickened sexually. He thought he had to battle to find my center by pushing aside t [...]

    8. I have great admiration for Alice Walker----as a writer, as a humanitarian. Like many others, the title drew me but titles aren't enough to keep readers turning the pages. This unique story was compelling and honest; the characters also compelling. They had much to say and much to offer to each other and the reader. Good character development leaves one wanting more and simultaneously feeling satisfied. Odd how that works. Characters with failings and strengths, idiosyncrasies, growth and change [...]

    9. Alice Walker is one of my favorite authors and this is one of my favorite Alice Walker novels. She's a brave author. She's insightful. She's poetic. If those are words that appeal to you try this.

    10. This book is so spiritual and beautiful. It is filled with love, sensualness, life, families. It is told in such a lyrical way that I read it all in one day. I loved it!

    11. I picked this book up from my local department store with no hesitation once I've seen Walker's name on the top. Unfortunately, it fell short. The book was confusing with the constant switching of POV of characters.I also never realized how much I would miss quotation marks around a dialogue.This particular edition comes with a readers guide so I will read that and hopefully have it shed some light on what Walker was trying to say, but I am not so optimistic.

    12. This is one of the best books I have ever read because it is practically breathes. It is so profoundly human, and returning to it again is its own timely meditation. It speaks to me on several levels--that as a man, as a soon-to-be-father, as a lover of women and justice, as a broken heart, as a healing soul. No story I've ever read speaks more to human health than this one--sexual health, forgiveness, healing personal wounds, finding peace.Alice Walker, who I've said before is a sort of guru or [...]

    13. Part of the brilliance of Alice Walker is how intricately she weaves themes and concepts into her characters' lives. When she sets out to illuminate a social issue, it never overbears; instead, it presents itself naturally as an intrinsic part of human life, so rather than reading like a textbook set out to teach you about a certain concept, you feel it as much as intellectually understand. I've probably learned more about the lives of those who are different from me from Walker's books than I h [...]

    14. I have been at a loss for expression regarding this book. I do not feel I can do it justice. It was with much trepidation that I began, not really certain that I would truly enjoy it, given what I read on the jacket. I was compelled and in the end rewarded. It is worth another reading. More than a hint of magic, less than a full on spiritual guide. Soup for the soul, perhaps?I should add to this that there are sexually explicit moments which are a bit too much for this reader and I would like fo [...]

    15. "Laughter isn't even the other side of tears. It is tears turned inside out. Truly the suffering is great, here on earth. We blunder along, shredded by our mistakes, bludgeoned by our faults. Not having a clue where the dark path leads us. But on the whole, we stumble along bravely, don't you think?" "And so you laugh," I said. "I laugh," he said, waving his hand in the air, attempting to disguise a tear.

    16. for the longest time if you asked me my greatest fear i would say.ath. so reading this book really shook me out of that and for that im really grateful. like it shows death as just another transition in life just as growing and maturing in adulthood is transition. and so you cant have one without the other. but focusing on the end makes it impossible to appreciate the journey

    17. Amazing lessons to learn about illusions that stem out of our intricate personalities and to be aware that pain you inflict on others is actually the biggest punishment you can ever give to yourself.

    18. "By The Light of my Father’s Smile is held together by a construct that at first seems artificial initially: a father is looking down on his daughter after his own death. She was not even aware at the time of my death that she missed me. Poor child. She did not cry at my funeral. She was a stoic spectator. Her heart, she thought, was closed. (3)As an atheist, I found the idea of an afterlife from which the father was speaking a little disappointing. However it becomes far more interesting when [...]

    19. At first this novel confused me, with it's multiple first-person narrators. It always took me a paragraph or two to figure out who was telling the story, but in spite of this, the book definitely grew on me. Both erotic and spiritual, this beautifully written novel explores family relationships, sex, death, and the meaning of love.

    20. I can't say I loved the way 'A color Purple' or 'Now Is the Time to Open Your Heart' read. However, I LOVED this book. I don't know much about Walker, but I'm guessing she is a bit of a free spirit, unrestrained by societies ideas on love and wealth. I never expected this book to be soberating. In America, as well as so many other countries in the world, a woman's sexuality isn't hers. It is something commandeered by men. Men that have women gyrating in music videos. Who have women, naked and sp [...]

    21. This little novel is a delicious read. What a treasure is Alice Walker's writing, such a gift of wisdom and fresh insight.The storyline is of journeys home to the heartself along diverse paths linked by a common betrayal. It has the power to touch upon and stir the reader's own life journey.I found it crafted in a very interesting and clever style, moving in first person from one character to another. Often it would take several paragraphs to identify who was speaking.Sexuality is at the core of [...]

    22. I really enjoyed By the Light of My Father's Smile and recommended it to my book club. There is a graphic sex scene in the first chapter, with a ghost watching, that may surprise the more conservative reader. This book is about sex, but it's not about sex. It's not 50 shades. It's about the role of sex in our lives and our cultures. Embracing sexuality in human-kind, and our growing adolescents. How to accept the intertwining of sex, love, and happiness. Being true to yourself. Learning yourself [...]

    23. I hate to say it, but I was quite disappointed in this book. It actually bored me. I felt that Alice Walker was all over the board in this book, with the multiple points of view, the multiple stories, the various references to random cultures' historical and symbolic practices that keep women subordinated. I feel that her writing here plus all the above-mentioned tactics stole the joy of watching a linear plot unfold and puzzling out for myself the characters' development. But she would tell us [...]

    24. Preachy. A different writing style from the author. I suspect it was intended to sound like musing; instead, the narration was messy. All of the characters in the book seemed to be whining for their own reasons, but all but one seemed difficult to relate to. My lack of compassion for the main character made the entire book rather unreadable.

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