The Secret Prophecy

The Secret Prophecy From the New York Times bestselling author of the Faerie Wars Chronicles Herbie Brennan comes this heart pounding middle grade adventure think The Da Vinci Code for tweens Reminiscent of the Percy J

  • Title: The Secret Prophecy
  • Author: Herbie Brennan
  • ISBN: 9780062071804
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the New York Times bestselling author of the Faerie Wars Chronicles, Herbie Brennan, comes this heart pounding middle grade adventure think The Da Vinci Code for tweens Reminiscent of the Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl series, this edge of your seat thriller involves an ancient curse, a murder, and a conspiracy by a secret society.When Edward Michael Em Goverton unFrom the New York Times bestselling author of the Faerie Wars Chronicles, Herbie Brennan, comes this heart pounding middle grade adventure think The Da Vinci Code for tweens Reminiscent of the Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl series, this edge of your seat thriller involves an ancient curse, a murder, and a conspiracy by a secret society.When Edward Michael Em Goverton uncovers the key to a five hundred year old deadly prediction by the prophet Nostradamus, personal tragedy morphs into international crisis Soon Em finds himself enmeshed in a sinister web of shocking events where nothing is quite as it seems But the ominous forces behind the plot are not about to sit back and let their plans be ruined, and soon their net begins to close in on Em.It s a race against the clock for Em and his friends to prevent a catastrophe that threatens the lives of an entire generation.

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      309 Herbie Brennan
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    1. Herbie Brennan

      What you should knowName Herbie BrennanOccupation AuthorFavourite book The Crimson Petal and the White, by Michel Faber.Favourite subjects Esoteric matters, psychical research, anomalies, Mac computers, other people and cats.Favourite journals Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, Mac Format.Favourite holiday spot Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland.Number of books published 108.Total copies sold worldwide 7.5 million.Herbie Brennan recently written 2007, excerpt taken from The Restless Dead celebrated publication of his 104th book, The Purple Emperor, a sequel to New York Times bestseller, Faerie Wars A longtime student of sorcery, he discovered an old copy of the Lemegeton, or the Lesser Key of Solomon a book that really does exist in a junk shop and used it to conjure up The Necromancers The magical techniques described in the story are authentic, but cautiously edited to protect the reader.

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    1. The Boy Who Lost What Matters MostEm was just like everybody else. He lived in England, had a father and a mother and was an only child. But one day his world gets thrown on a roller coaster, and he finds himself losing control. He desperately tries to stay on but there will be serious consequences if he can’t regain his balance.One day, Em’s dad mysteriously dies from what appeared to be head cold. But when a strange man shows up at his funeral, Em can’t help it but suspect something deep [...]

    2. I found myself sucked right into this book from the very start. Em's delivering his father who's been ill his breakfast in bed, and what does he find? His father's body! He discovers his dad has died even though he had been getting stronger and better every day. He was even supposed to be able to go out walking for a short while that very evening. This is just the beginning. Em sees muscled men decked out in expensive suits that he's never seen before in his life at his father's funeral. Then, h [...]

    3. Edward Michael's (Em) father has died, which is bad enough, but shortly after the funeral his study is ransacked, and his mother is committed to a mental institution while he is off with his father's best friend, Tom, and his daughter Charlotte at a symposium. He is also being followed by a man with a gun, and thinks it has something to do with his father's interest in the prophecies of Nostradamus. When it looks like people are coming after him, Em runs off and ends up seeking refuge at a homel [...]

    4. So don't judge a book by it's cover. I did exactly that. I originally grabbed this novel because the cover was so freaking ugly. Look at it. Just look, my retinas burned out just eyeing it. And boy was I surprised , I was tossed into a wonderful world - well more like 75% reality where a teenage boy named Em is torn, ripped and tossed out of his house when his father dies. This is NOT a dystopian, no! This is more like a thriller with realistic facts set in the NOW. What isn't cooler than The Di [...]

    5. I read “The Secret Prophecy” by Herbie Brennan. It is about a boy named Em who’s father died while finding the secret prophecy. Em meets an old man named Victor who will help him through his adventure of finding out what the Nostradamus (secret prophecy) is hiding. Em, Victor, and Charlotte must find out the meaning in the Nostradamus before the Knights of Themis (who are the bad guys) find out. Em is living with Victor because his mom is in a mental hospital.As Em progresses through the b [...]

    6. 4.5 starsDespite grabbing it at the last minute in my desperate attempt to get a 5th book out from my library, this book was pretty well done!I do, however, stand by my previous point that the Knights of Themis sound eerily similar to the illuminati. Not that that is a bad thing, but the similarities between them are pretty obvious. Just look at the cover.I liked the whole mystery and runaway kind of feel from the book, even though that usually isn't my type. And the plot twist was well crafted, [...]

    7. C'era una volta In una notte buia e tempestosa Traduttori italiani ANARCHICI che pensarono bene di stravolgere i titoli dei libri stranieri, riuscendo a renderli del tutto NON appetibili. Erano tempi bui, Harry, molto bui. Voldemort cominciò a raccogliere seguaci, li condusse sulla via del male.Quale persona sana di mente tradurrebbe "The secret prophecy" con "L'ultima profezia di Nostradamus"?? CHI?? Ma andiamo!! Chi è interessato a Nostradamus? XDEppure, a tutta evidenza, c'è chi l'ha fatto [...]

    8. The Secret Prophecy by Herbie Brennan is a delightfully crafted youth novel of mystery and intrigue. Edward Michael or Em as he is called thought he lived a perfectly normal life in England with his mother and father, a college professor until the time of his father's funeral. His dad died quite unexpectedly of a short illness. At the cemetery, Em noticed people there that he didn't know - one of which had a shoulder weapon. His mother arrange from Em to go to France for a short trip with a fami [...]

    9. EM, Edward Michael Goverton, an English teen, is on the run after discovering that his father may have uncovered the key to a five-hundred-year secret prophecy made by Nostradamus. Someone killed his father. There had been strangers at the funeral, one in a car with diplomatic plates, one who carried a handgun. Someone had rifled his father's study. The man with the handgun had followed Em to France. While Em was away, someone had persuaded two doctors to commit his mother to a mental clinic, an [...]

    10. This is a thrilling adventure mystery for middle grade or younger YA readers. With a male hero and lots of action, I can see this being a book that many young boys will enjoy. With a strong female sidekick and the hint of a sweet, age-appropriate crush, many young girls will enjoy it too.There are many twists and turns to the story, and even as an adult reader, I wasn’t able to guess all of them. I did get a bit confused at one point about who was the good guy and who was the bad guy as there [...]

    11. The secret prophecy by Herbie Brennan 364 pgs. Target audience: Ages 8-12 Rating: WizardEdward Michael “Em” Goverton wakes up one morning to find his dad, a university professor, dead. Since his father was recovering from a bout with the flu, this came as total surprise. Things get even weirder when strange men in black suits carrying guns show up at the funeral and then start to follow Em. So he starts digging into his dad’s research on a new biography of Nostradamus. It seems his dad dis [...]

    12. Edward Michael (aka Em) has just suffered a terrible loss. His father, recovering from a pneumonia-like illness, has recently passed away. His mother decides that he needs to travel to France with some family friends in order to recuperate. However, at the funeral, Em notices that there is a strange man with a gun attending it, along with some other weird characters.When in France, Em notices that same man with a gun following him and his friend Charlotte. After being chased, Em recognizes that [...]

    13. Edward Michael (Em's) professor father has suddenly died of pneumonia and Em's world is turned upside down. Within days, his house has been broken into, his mother has been committed to a mental institution, and Em find himself on the run. On top of that, the Death Flu is sweeping Britain. Could his father's seemingly casual interest in Nostradamus and alleged discovery of a secret prophecy have anything to do with everything that has happened?Em turns into this Robert Langdon-like character and [...]

    14. This book was so dumb but also amazing but more dumb. I didn't like Em at all because instead of being a smart uni student, he had the brains of a 12 year old. Charlotte, I felt, was just there to do whatever Em asks her to do and then leaves. She brings up major plot points (Spoiler: like that book code thing, she figured that out, and how she told Em about the truth towards the end). She was hardly there even if she was the one figuring things out. Victor was ugh. How was he even head of Secto [...]

    15. The plot was great. Interesting and (could have been) exciting. But.The characters left a lot to be desired. The main character especially drove me crazy. He was kind of whiny and pretty dense. He didn't really help with solving any of the mystery, just asked dumb questions, and didn't seem to remember pertinent information that he should have remembered. The girl was at least smart, but she was kind of annoying. The other main character was pretty likeable, except when he was unnecessarily rude [...]

    16. 2thepointbooksI wasn't a huge fan of this book. The concept was good-ish, but it just didn't work. There was too much Da Vinci Code shenanigans, but without the panache. And the ending??? Don't get me started on such a poorly written, confusing, abrupt end to a lackluster book.There was too much dialogue and too much conspiracy theory to make this an acceptable book for the YA genre. Characterization was blah. Em was a wuss; Charlotte would have made a much better main character. At least she ha [...]

    17. YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS BECAUSE THE VIOCES ONLY TALK TO METhis seems to be an interesting book when I borrowed it from the library. Alas! It's a bit slow in the beginning but it picked up after 50 pages.I can't believe Em still did not listen to the iPod that his father bought for him before he died!!!Around page 180, Em is really getting on my nerves!!! I'm also annoyed with Charlotte!!! If not for Victor I would have stopped reading this book!!! Please prove me wrong but I think Charlotte's dad is [...]

    18. This book was so freaking good!!! (thanks Mrs. Taylor for giving me a chance to read it!) I was never bored with this book; there were surprises at every turn. Just when I start thinking I've figured things out and I know how it's gonna end: BAM!! something big just happened, something changed and I am most certainly not complaining! The best part? There most certainly is a second book to come (I am 99% sure)

    19. The secret prophecy was not at all of what it seems like. I liked it but it had no zing to it. The characterization was okay but i got lost so many times I had to reread it. It has a good plot and the story line is fine but the way it drags on is annoying. Its mostly about this young boy who unwillingly gets dragged along on this mission to stop a conspiracy. I would recommend it to people who like suspense and too many plot twists. Over all it was pretty exciting.

    20. This book is awful, it's absurdly predictable, the lead character is dense and has no common sense, the girl is annoying, and this entire book feels like it's reaching for BIG conspiracies and BIG plot lines but every bit falls flat. It very much feels like a book for children- I don't understand why it's categorized as a young adult novel. I'm sure some will enjoy it and some will hate it, I just fell into the latter category.

    21. One of those international intrigue novels with a significant amount of excitement and a couple of strange and unexpected twists in the plot. It bogs down a bit in one part when one of the characters explains his view of the situation at great length. It is a shock for a teen-age boy to suddenly find his father dead & then find out in stages how different his father really was than as he knew him (or thought he knew him.)

    22. Well-written plot with twists and turns. Em's father is killed after discovering a new Nostradamus prophecy. Em is on the run when the Knights of Themis try to capture him. Victor, of Section 7, teams up with Em to help him, but is Victor the good guy or the bad guy? Em and Victor have to come to America to get the answers.The book does end nicely, but if the author chose to, I could see him being able to write another book.

    23. Fans of the Alex Rider series will eat this up. It has mystery, suspense and some James Bond-like action going on.Strange men are after Em at his Dad's funeral because they believe he holds the secret to what his Dad was working on. Em finds himself in the tangled up in some sinister sinister events that will leave him shocked at the outcome.It's a book a reader will not be able to put down and they will be looking for more books by this author and with this character.

    24. Em's father recently died & suddenly men with guns are following him & his house has been broken into. Next, he's meeting up with the mysterious Victor who says there's a secret organization bent on destroying the world & somehow Em's father was tied up in everything. An interesting mystery with a cliffhanger ending.

    25. This book was a plot twist within a plot twist. For such an interesting concept, it was sorely disappointing. There were so many unwrapped loose ends, the first plot twist was give-away obvious, the second was surprising but not special. The characters fall a little flat. It's a good and easy read.if you don't think about it.

    26. A quick but enjoyable read. Though meant for young adult, it has a similar premise to another book I read around the same time, overpopulation, needing to reduce the numbers of humankind with a virus to ensure our survival. I personally liked the references to Nostradamus, and his home town of St. Remy-de-Provence, especially as I was reading it on my way there.

    27. It started off so well I was wondering why there had been low ratings for this book. But as I read on, there were too many problems with plot points, cliches, main character filled with idiocy and technical faults. If Id been younger and the story hadnt taken such an annoying turn I might have actually enjoyed it more

    28. What I think is that "The Great Prophecy" is a wonderful book. The suspense, mystery, deception, and emotion that was shown had me on edge. How the person you least expect to the mastermind behind the entire plot was always so close. The depth of the plot was so detailed and planned out extremely clever that every move that made could either make it a success or seal the mastermind's fate.

    29. When I saw this cover I thought, "Ahh!! Percy Jackson!!" I'm (not so) patiently waiting for the next Percy Jackson book to come out and I thought that this book would fill the gap. I was wrong. The story smacked of the movie National Treasure. It also really dragged at times and I had to make myself finish it.

    30. The title is irrelevant. The "prophecy" is only mentioned a few times and the REAL focus of the story is some sort of evil spy organization. Also emotional conflict could totally make this book way more interesting, but the author missed that opportunity. It might be a bestseller, but bleh.

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