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The Sports Pages Ten short stories about baseball basketball NHL Los Angeles King hockey team captain Dustin Brown Christian football star James Brown relay racer and Narrated by a pretend fan or actual player s

  • Title: The Sports Pages
  • Author: Jon Scieszka Dustin Brown Joseph Bruchac Chris Crutcher Tim Green Dan Gutman Gordon Korman Chris Rylander
  • ISBN: 9780061963773
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ten short stories about baseball, basketball, NHL Los Angeles King hockey team captain Dustin Brown, Christian football star James Brown, relay racer, and Narrated by a pretend fan or actual player, silly fun or true biography Editor intros illustrations preface each chapter ten pages brief bios close.

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      234 Jon Scieszka Dustin Brown Joseph Bruchac Chris Crutcher Tim Green Dan Gutman Gordon Korman Chris Rylander
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    1. Jon Scieszka Dustin Brown Joseph Bruchac Chris Crutcher Tim Green Dan Gutman Gordon Korman Chris Rylander

      Jon Scieszka is a writer and teacher He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and two children Occasionally he has been known to howl at the full moon from the dust jacket of The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs Jon Scieszka is also the author of the best selling ALA Notable Book, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, as well as Knights of the Kitchen Table, and The Not So Jolly Roger He teaches as The Day School in Manhattan where he is known as Mr Scieszka He lives with his wife, and two children in Brooklyn where he is known as Dad from the dust jacket of The Frog Prince Continued

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    1. I have become a big fan of the Guys Read Short Story Series edited by Jon Scieszka. With ten authors writing ten different short stories, it's easy to find one that will appeal to any reader.Guys Read: The Sports Pages hits a home run for it's mix of stories from great children's authors like Gordon Korman and Chris Rylander to real athletes like Dustin Brown and James Brown. It's not just a football book, The Sports Pages artfully weaves in stories from a full gamut of sports, like track and ma [...]

    2. So, I don't really read about sports. I don't watch sports. I do have a favorite team, my college team, but I don't watch them, I am superstitious as they always seem to start losing when I watch. And I really only care if they beat the Georgia Bulldogs and FSU. Yep, I'm a Florida Gator in case you haven't read my profile. And as much as I try to understand my husband's stories about playing football in high school and college, the intensity of it, I just didn't get it. But I have never been dis [...]

    3. If you like sports and fiction, this is a good book for you. It has short, good stories in it from across all sports. It was a good book

    4. I really enjoy this series and #3 is probably the strongest and most diverse collection so far. It is more mature than "Funny Business," and holds together as a unified collection better than "Thriller." Like both collections, it also has some surprising highs; but unlike editions 1 and 2, there are no real lows. In all three collections there is one standout story. In "Thriller," it was Walter Dean Myers' tonally different, and very affecting, realistic portrait of a Somali boy pirate. "The Spo [...]

    5. Edited by Jon Scieszka (Guys Read, The Time Warp Trio) and illustrated by Dan Santat (Time Out Kids, The Replacements), Guys Read: The Sports Pages is the third volume in the Guys Read Library of Great Reading (preceded by Guys Read: Funny Business and Guys Read: Thriller). Like the previous installments, GR:TSP is a collection of works by a number of popular writers for young readers, including Chris Crutcher, Tim Green, Gordan Korman, and Anne Ursu. The pieces are united by a common theme—in [...]

    6. My favorite is Ursu's sixth-grader Max, who moves to new school from home town of famous baseball player Beau Fletcher, wants to impress pretty Molly, and pretends to be Beau's secret son. The rumor leaks, and Max must face Beau in person when Molly gets tickets for public meeting. (view spoiler)[Molly knew all along, waits to see how far Max goes, hisses "Now you'll never ever say you throw like a girl again. You wish you threw like a girl". Max "just struck out" p78. (hide spoiler)]Dustin Brow [...]

    7. Guys Read Sports Pages is a collection of stories involving sports. In Against All Odds, a story by Dustin Brown, Dustin, the main character, is the right wing for the Los Angeles Kings. His goal is to always work harder than the next person, so that he can make it to the NHL. He doesn’t know how good he’ll be when he gets older but he definitely knows that if he works hard he can make it to where he wants to be. Find Your Fire by Tim Greene is about a kid named Jake who is preparing for hig [...]

    8. Sport fans are not to be messed with. We know what we want scholarships, girls and boys, championships, athletic people, liars,and "Trophies". In New York "Sports" is just a normal day. "Championships" means Trophies. "Scholarships" is to be happy and to be proud of. Jon Scieszka delivers all that good stuff in THE SPORTS PAGES which opens with an exciting climax: he takes a deep breath, swings the bat and there the ball goes up in the sky, thinking if he will make a home run or not. He stops an [...]

    9. A Home Run!The GUYS READ library takes an inevitable and successful turn with their latest collection of short stories, THE SPORTS PAGES. Once again pulling from the greatest talent in the middle grade arena, such as Gordon Korman, Chris Rylander, Dan Gutman, Mike Lupica, and Anne Ursu, middle grade readers are in for a treat!One of the many things we love about the GUYS READ series is the format. The 9 year old in my house is a huge fan. He will pick up one of the books, read a short story and [...]

    10. How many people would pay big bucks to see a Super 8 film of Jon Scieszka doing Frisbee Butt Waterskiing as a child? I know I would! In his forward, Mr. Scieszka does an excellent job of explaining why guys are so obsessed with sports, but how even the most active sports players don't necessarily like to read about sports. So true. Luckily, the guys in my school LOVE that there is a growing Guys Read Library for them, and The Sports Pages will be popular.Aside from the informative forward, we ha [...]

    11. This book has ten unique stories about ten miscellaneous sports including lacrosse, cross country, baseball, basketball, hockey, track and tennis. To begin, each story takes about a half hour to read. If you don’t have much time on your hands, you can read a quick, short story. If you have a short attention span like most teenagers and want to check your social media, this is an outstanding book because the stories are brief and well written. In addition, if you like all sorts of sports, this [...]

    12. Reviewed at: teachmentortexts/2012/I love baseball, so when The Sports Pages first story was one by Don Gutman about baseball that cracked me up so much that I ran to the other room to tell my husband about it- the book had won me over. Realistically, like most short story collections, I found stories I really enjoyed and others I enjoyed less. Personally, I liked the baseball stories the most because I am a fan where others will like the football stories. Either way, this book has a bit of some [...]

    13. I have to say from the start, I'm not a big sports guy. Yet I read "Guys Read: The Sports Pages," because I wanted to continue the Guys Read series after reading "Guys Read: Funny Business" and "Guys Read: Thriller." There was a story where someone who loved the Mets thought that they won a game only because he was holding a grapefruit the whole time. In another story, these kids won a basketball championship, but they didn't realize that another team was disqualified because of strict rules. Th [...]

    14. The Trophy (Gordon Korman): after winning the league tournament, a team's trophy disappears from the display case and they have to find the culprits. Nice irony.Find Your Fire (Tim Green): Two best friends battle across the line of scrimmage for a scholarship. Nice twist at the end.The Meat Grinder (Chris Crutcher): Blake, a brain with abusive parents, is forced to play football in a dinky town, but finds kindness from Rich Saxon, all-conference. Heart breaking and heart warming.I will destroy y [...]

    15. I read Guys Read "Other Worlds" first even though I'm not usually a sci-fi fan and loved it. So I thought I'd give the other books in the series a try. So I picked up the "Sports Pages" next because I don't usually enjoy sports. Sadly I didn't enjoy this book in the least bit. I read about five of the stories because I couldn't force myself to read them all. I found the ones about the non traditional sports more worthwhile than the traditional ones. I am sure to someone else who cares about spor [...]

    16. Audience-Grades 4 and upOpening-Prompt predictions based on the title -Read some of the text to engage attentionGuys Read: The Sports Pages, does anyone want to share what they might this book is going to be about? Wait for student response. Boys you might think this book is just for you. Let me just read a little and see if this might change some of your predictions. "Max could not move-"now you'll never ever say you throw like a girl again." Her eyes narrowed. She leaned in and hissed, " You w [...]

    17. Ten short stories all about sports. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and mixed martial arts are all covered. Many of the contributing authors are popular middle school author. I love any book that will interest my reluctant boy readers. This book (and the other Guys Read books) are great because the stories are short enough not to be intimidating and are male oriented enough to keep them interested. I will continue buying the Guys Read books as they come out!Suitability: Grades 5-8Recomme [...]

    18. I've been a fan of the Guys Read series since the fist came out years agopossibly before it was conceptualized as a series. This installment is an excellent addition. The book includes a selection fiction and non-fiction stories. I especially enjoyed Tim Green's story and laughed out loud at Dan Gutman's baseball story. I found James Brown's story inspriational, and had no idea that this football commentator played basketball in college. While I labored through Chris Rylander's Derek Jeter story [...]

    19. Plenty of guys will read this collection of 10 sports-themed short stories. Several different sports and sporting experiences are covered in the entries, some written by familiar authors such as Chris Crutcher and Gordon Korman, but others are contributed to new authors such as Dustin Brown, captain of the LA Kings hockey team. Although there's something for everyone in the book, my favorites are "How I Won the World Series" by Dan Gutman, which describes the role of a lucky grapefruit in the Me [...]

    20. This one was honestly a struggle for me. I just don’t enjoy sports writing. That being said, these were really good short stories about sports. They had cute young guy characters, they had believable tension and resolution, there was a variety of sports (the basketball ones were the hardest for me to enjoy), and there was a mix of fiction and nonfiction by well-established authors and sports stars. My only gripe would be that the nonfiction wasn’t clearly designated, and even though the nonf [...]

    21. Often, I find sports books to be a bit cheesy.I really like the format of this book since it is a compilation of short stories surrounding a variety of athletics. Many of the authors are well-known YAL authors, like Chris Crutcher, so you are guaranteed to read a few stories with great characters and plots that reach beyond a detailed account of a sporting event. My only negative about this book is that the name of the compilation series is called "Guys Read." I like that the publishers are prom [...]

    22. guys read sports pages is the third book in the guys read series. it has all kinds of small stories most of them are realistic fiction. all of the stories relate to sports and some characters are real life sports players. the conflict is normally about teams losing but others are about a hate for players on the yankees.i liked this book because i really enjoy sports books but i also like humor and that is what is in this boo. i recommend this to sports fans but also enjoy humor. i gave this book [...]

    23. I had seen the Guys Read books reviewed and not given them much thought until one arrived in my Junior Library Guild subscription. I read Guys Read: The Sports Pages and loved it. Jon Scieszka, what a great concept: get short stories centered on a topic all written by GREAT authors like Chris Crutcher,Joseph Bruchac,Dan Gutman, Gordan Korman and more!These stories are all centered around one sport or another and the main characters are boys. The stories are clever, hold my intrest, and some stay [...]

    24. Any opinion I offer must be preceded by the statement that I am very far out of the target audience. That being said, I still enjoyed some of these stories a whole lot, especially the first and last ones that incorporated humor and fallible characters who grew on me. If I was a ten year old sports fanatic, my assessment would be more of the "OMG this was awsome!!" type. I do think the Guys Read crew work hard to put together a wide variety of stories in their collection to build broad appeal amo [...]

    25. 5/6th&upAlthough personally I liked the concept of this book more than the actuality of the stories, I would still recommend it to middle school boys who are reluctant readers. The bite-size format of the stories, and the way they might lead to full length books by the contributing authors, is hard to resist. My favorites in the bunch were "Find Your Fire" by Tim Green, "Choke" by Joseph Bruchac and (the best one) "The Trophy" by Gordon Korman. Also, If you haven't checked out the Guys Read [...]

    26. Like most story collections there was one story that I really liked, several that were okay and at least one that I didn't like at all. All of the stories have "a message" that by the end of the book was getting really preachy. The two biographical stories were really heavy on the advice with the one by Dustin Brown being my least liked story of the book. I did really like the stories by Tim Green and Joseph Bruchac. Tim Green has some great description in his story and the sarcasm in Bruchac's [...]

    27. A nice of sports stories that range from middle-grade to high school to biography. Some are centered on sports themselves while others are centered on some life-lesson around sports: being yourself, not lying to make people like you, really going for it in your chosen spot. The stories are all self contained which makes it great for those who want to (or are pressed to) read a little bit each day; either to themselves or aloud.

    28. I knew I was in for a treat after reading the opening story by Dan Gutman about the 1986 Red Sox. I never expect every story in a short story collection to hit a home run, and these don't, but none are total strike outs.Favorite authors Sciezcka, Crutcher, Green, Gutman, Korman are all here, and Chris Rylander ends the book with a hilarious story dissing my favorite villain, Derek Jeter. A great choice for sports fans, reluctant readers, anyone with time for a short story.

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