Nowhere Near Respectable

Nowhere Near Respectable Mary Jo Putney s riveting Lost Lords series unleashes a high stakes royal plot which may prove easier for Damian Mackenzie to handle than his own unruly desire He s a bastard and a gambler and society

  • Title: Nowhere Near Respectable
  • Author: Mary Jo Putney
  • ISBN: 9781420124248
  • Page: 476
  • Format: ebook
  • Mary Jo Putney s riveting Lost Lords series unleashes a high stakes royal plot which may prove easier for Damian Mackenzie to handle than his own unruly desire.He s a bastard and a gambler and society s favorite reprobate But to Lady Kiri Lawford he s a hero braver than the smugglers he rescues her from, honorable than any lord she s ever met, and far attrMary Jo Putney s riveting Lost Lords series unleashes a high stakes royal plot which may prove easier for Damian Mackenzie to handle than his own unruly desire.He s a bastard and a gambler and society s favorite reprobate But to Lady Kiri Lawford he s a hero braver than the smugglers he rescues her from, honorable than any lord she s ever met, and far attractive than any man has a right to be How can she not fall in love But Damian Mackenzie has secrets that leave no room in his life for courting high born young ladies especially not the sister of one of his oldest friends Yet when Kiri s quick thinking reveals a deadly threat to England s crown, Damian learns that she is nowhere near as prim and respectable as he first assumed d the lady is far alluring than any man can resist Praise for Loving a Lost Lord Intoxicating, romantic and utterly ravishing Eloisa James Entrancing characters and a superb plotline Publishers Weekly, starred review Will leave readers smiling, breathless, and anxiously awaiting the next adventure Library Journal, starred review Romance at its best Julia Quinn

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    About “Mary Jo Putney”

    1. Mary Jo Putney

      She writes young adult fiction as M.J Putney.Mary Jo Putney was born in Upstate New York with a reading addiction, a condition for which there is no known cure After earning degrees in English Literature and Industrial Design at Syracuse University, she did various forms of design work in California and England before inertia took over in Balti, Maryland, where she has lived very comfortably ever since.While becoming a novelist was her ultimate fantasy, it never occurred to her that writing was an achievable goal until she acquired a computer for other purposes When the realization hit that a computer was the ultimate writing tool, she charged merrily into her first book with an ignorance that illustrates the adage that fools rush in where angels fear to tread Fortune sometimes favors the foolish and her first book sold quickly, thereby changing her life forever, in most ways for the better But why didn t anyone tell me that writing would change the way one reads Like a lemming over a cliff, she gave up her freelance graphic design business to become a full time writer as soon as possible.Since 1987, Ms Putney has published twenty nine books and counting Her stories are noted for psychological depth and unusual subject matter such as alcoholism, death and dying, and domestic abuse She has made all of the national bestseller lists including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USAToday, and Publishers Weekly Five of her books have been named among the year s top five romances by The Library Journal The Spiral Path and Stolen Magic were chosen as one of Top Ten romances of their years by Booklist, published by the American Library Association.A nine time finalist for the Romance Writers of America RITA, she has won RITAs for Dancing on the Wind and The Rake and the Reformer and is on the RWA Honor Roll for bestselling authors She has been awarded two Romantic Times Career Achievement Awards, four NJRW Golden Leaf awards, plus the NJRW career achievement award for historical romance Though most of her books have been historical, she has also published three contemporary romances The Marriage Spell will be out in June 2006 in hardcover, and Stolen Magic written as M J Putney will be released in July 2006 Ms Putney says that not least among the blessings of a full time writing career is that one almost never has to wear pantyhose.

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    1. It has been a long time since I have read a new Putney book. There are certain things I know I can expect in a book by her. The predictability gives me a certain comfort and nostalgia, even while I roll my eyes a bit. A hero somehow involved with spying? Check. A set of identical twins? Check. A heroine more progressive than the times? Check. The list goes on, but I’m sure you get my point.I approached this book eagerly. I have very fond memories of many of her books, especially my favorite, A [...]

    2. The story in a nutshell:But how did one interrupt a conversation to say, “By the way, last night I slipped out to an alarmingly fashionable club and helped foil a royal kidnapping, and I intend to move to a house in a bad neighborhood so I can live with dangerous strangers and dress like a doxy and go to gambling hells and sniff men to see if they’re French conspirators?”It’s rare that a sequel rates better than the first book in the series, but this one has gone and done it, mainly beca [...]

    3. 3.5 StarsI was looking forward to this book because I really liked the previous book in "The Lost Lords" series. Unfortunately, this one didn't have the last book's charm.Mac was a nice hero, with a heart of gold underneath the seedy image. And there wasn't a touch of alpha-male in him, much to my relief. Kiri was also the sort of heroine that I like when you read the traits written out on paper. She was strong, unique, and independent. But there was something missing from this couple that would [...]

    4. I will say this--Mary Jo Putney can write. She has a way with words that sucks you in from the get-go and even if the plot is crazy or the heroine is unbelievable, you still keep turning pages. That was the case here.The story opens with the heroine hearing some distasteful gossip from the women of a family she is considering marrying into, she immediately leaves, and gets captured by smugglers. Then, the hero, who has some dealings with smugglers due to his being the owner of a club, arrives to [...]

    5. 4.5 stars. This is what Regency romance should be. It doesn't do anything particularly exciting or new with the genre, but what it does is traditional historical romance extremely, extremely well. My favorite bit was that the hero and heroine actually genuinely liked one another. When thinking about each other, they were all, "S/he is so smart and talented and funny! Oh, and also gorgeous," instead of the more typical, "God, s/he is so annoying, but so hot! I guess I have no choice but to furiou [...]

    6. I was thrilled to come across this at Half Price Books, because I liked the first two books in the series. I think this third story is best of the three. Lady Kiri is the daughter of an English Duke, but her mother is a princess of India. She had an unconventional upbringing around the British Army camps of India due to her stepfather, a British General. This is how a princess learns to have such diverse skills as to make tea, set broken arms, brew perfumes, and perform martial-arts self-defense [...]

    7. In theory, this book should have hit all my areas of interest: a "kickass" and diverse heroine, a hero with an atypical flaw (he hates the sight of blood, especially his own, which causes him to faint), strong bonds between siblings, spies, gambling, smuggling, the heroine saves the hero But it all just fell utterly flat. The more perfect Kiri was, the more I actively disliked her. Mac was fine, I suppose, is occasionally annoying with his "Kiri is so perfect! And beeyootiful!" thoughts and comm [...]

    8. This book was at least better than the last one in the series, but that's really not saying much. It wasn't that it was a particularly bad book but that it is nowhere near as good as MJP's earlier works. The characterization wasn't very deep. The actions of the heroine, Kiri, were not appropriate to the time period. I get that the heroine was a foreigner but even so the author didn't sell me on the idea that (view spoiler)[ she would be so determined to have sex with this guy while not married t [...]

    9. Actually not one of my favorites. It was OK. But I've come to realize that I don't revel in books where romance is not the central storyline. There was a mystery to be solved here which overshadowed the romance. Kiri and Damien accidentally meet when she is kidnapped by smugglers she inadvertently discovered. Damien was using smugglers to supply his gaming establishment with the best in alcoholic beverages from France. Damien also works for a underground government intelligence organization. So [...]

    10. Truly not up to Putney's usual standards, either in terms of character-development or in terms of crafting a believable, engaging plot. Lots of secrets about the hero's past are told to little effect -- we never really see how his past shaped the person he is today. And Lady Kiri was simply too out of period to be at all believable (perhaps if Putney had included more specific incidents from her upbringing, I might have bought it, but without). The central plot conceit -- that Princess Charlotte [...]

    11. I loved every minute of this book. Mac was to die for and Kiri was such a sweetie. This was forbidden love at it's finest. Kiri is a Duke's daughter and a mixed blood (English and Indian) while Mac is a bastard and a gaming club owner. Kiri is a little wild and hates the stuffy Englishmen who see her as inferior. When she meets Mac, she is instantly smitten but Mac knows that he is not the one for her. After all his former school mate, Adam Lawford is her brother and he knows Mac and Mac's ways. [...]

    12. This was the first of Mary Jo Putney that I've read. One of the many free reads I picked up from the RT convention this year. I loved that the heroine in this story lived outside the bounds of society. I realize that it probably didn't happen often in real life, but this is fiction people so why not? The hero is flawed and charming. I really did enjoy this.

    13. I burned out on romance for a while after my flirting with Sabrina Jeffries and getting stung by the Hellions of Halstead Hall. This was exactly the right book to come back to. So, the good: - Female friendships and a variety of ways of showing off female friendships. I really liked both Kiri's noble friends, and Cassandra. - This is the big thing: The Hero says, at one point, that he doesn't want to have sex and asks Kiri to take a step back and she does! AND IT'S NOT TREATED LIKE HE'S BEING UN [...]

    14. It was an interesting and adventurous story :) And it was fun to read about Lady Kiri. She made a fascinating character with her mixed heritage, fighting skills and passion for perfumes. It was also fun to read about Prince Regent and Princess Charlotte. The Regency period was well described with characters that thwarted all conventions.

    15. Best book in the series so far. More of a traditional romance with some risqué additions but I enjoyed the mystery of it more than the second book.

    16. Contrived With a Capital "C"Lady Kiri Lawford runs into the night from a house party after hearing her hostess talk disparagingly of herself and her mother. She blindingly runs into smugglers in her haste and they kidnap her. After Kiri is chained to a wall, a new visitor enters the cave where the kidnappers are holding her. He offers to ransom her. Kiri does not know if this man is to be friend or foe.Damien MacKenzie is the owner of a gentlemen's club and he is at the cave to bargain with the [...]

    17. When it comes to Regency Romances, I'm always a little torn. By nature of their setting and time period, the characters are rarely diverse. I mean, really, how much variety in terms of race and class can there be amongst the lords and ladies? However, when I do encounter characters of non-Anglo descent (eg: Indian, Chinese, etc), I am very leery of it being done poorly. They could be just like white characters - but with a tan or differently shaped eyes. That would annoy me, too.Ah well. So it g [...]

    18. C'est avec un réel plaisir que je viens de refermer le troisième tome de la série de la confrérie des Lords. Et de surcroît, encore un coup de coeur. J'adore la plume de l'auteur, bien que se soit une romance historique, Mary Jo Putney fait la part belle à l'intrigue. La romance est présente a sa juste mesure et s'insert parfaitement dans l'histoire. Cette fois- ci c'est la royauté et la noblesse de l'Angleterre qui est menacé et ce n'est pas joli joli. Entre la recherche des conspirate [...]

    19. This series is fun because not only does it deal with issues that used to be ignored in Regency romances, but Putney constantly reevaluates the concepts of honor and respectability. Women make their own choices sexually, birth control is a given, and everyone continues to play the game of "keeping up appearances" until caught. I wish the OTP would have been more honest -- why is it SO HARD to tell someone you love them, damn the consequences? Quit being all self-sacrificing for once! But the int [...]

    20. Another page-turner from Mary Jo Putney.Back to the Lost Lords, those boys from the Westerfield Academy, this time we meet Damian Mackenzie, the bastard half-brother of Lord Masterton. He's made a living for himself running a gambling establishment in London. He's off to pick up smuggled goods for his business. But then he meetsLady Kiri Lawford who needs help immediately. Damian's chivalrous instincts rise to the fore and the two escape away into the night.More complications lead to the two of [...]

    21. El argumento es interesante y creo que lo que más me ha gustado del libro es que la protagonista, lady Kiri Lawford, no es la típica dama inglesa - sumisa e inocente - que vive acatando las normas de la sociedad londinense. Sin embargo, también es un personaje casi perfecto (muy bella, muy buena en perfumes, muy segura de sí misma, muy buena en artes marciales, etc) que me ha hecho pensar si no estaré frente a una Mary Sue. Eso y el hecho de que muchas cosas se resolvían de forma tan conve [...]

    22. And now I have reread it again!! I really like this series and am plowing through it, apparently for the 3rd time This is an edit of my last review from October 2013!.I am rereading the "Lost Lords" series, after reading the newest one. I really like the story line, a 1/2 Indian sister of a Duke Becomes embroiled in a spy conspiracy to kill the Royal Family. Princess Charlotte is a character, as are the other Lost Lords. Damien MacKenzie is part of the Lost Lords, though he is a bastard whose br [...]

    23. I literally could not get past page 125. This book just did not do it for me. Firstly, the story is too unbelievable. The plot was too mysterious with not enough romance and the characters Kiri and Mac barely had any chemistry. Kiri was too perfect and Mac was just not likeable enough. This story may have been better suited for a contemporary 2014 drama novel but it doesn't fit the historical genre. This was my first book by Putney and I'm sad to say it may be the last.

    24. For those who prefer titillation to intelligence, this will do. 2.5/5.0For a complete review, visit Affaire de Coeur magazine, hard copy or online at: affairedecoeur/ - May 2011 issue.

    25. You know how an author wants to make REALLY SURE that no one thinks that her depiction of a half Hindu, half English heiress is racist? So she goes out of her way to make her heroine really extra awesome and sparkly and "authentic" and have hidden depths due to her double heritage? And you know how that can look an awful lot like Orientalism?This book makes so many attempts to reassure the reader that it is not Orientalist in the slightest, no sir, not a trace of Orientalism hereYeah. Not recomm [...]

    26. The often mentioned but rarely seen Princess Charlotte is a minor character here and a major part of the plot. She doesn't get much screen time, but its better than most people give her, and whenever she does show up its an absolute delight. I'd love to see more of her in Regency fiction.Lots of steam between the two main characters, but the main male lead was much more interesting than the way too perfect to be real main female lead.

    27. As noted previously, I got a five-book bundle for this series, and went through them pretty easily because of it. This one was interesting due to Lady Kiri's perfumery and her olfactory abilities, which are certainly unique amongst probably all books I've read (romance or not). I enjoyed the adventures, even as I realize these were quite ridiculous when compared to what would've been possible. Fun read, rated R for sexual content.

    28. More of the same - but the focus in this episode of the Lost Lords is on the biracial sister - Kiri, who has MAD SKILLZ in fighting hand-to-hand (that she learned growing up as the step-daughter of a General in India), in mixing perfume, and in behaving as a fine, respectable lady. Entertaining enough, but tough-guy Mackenzie turns into a lovesick puppy very quickly.

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