Batman: Fear Itself

Batman Fear Itself Batman strikes fear in the hearts of criminals but there s a killer stalking Gotham who s even better at inspiring fright and his method just might be unbeatable because it s invisible Unbeknownst to

  • Title: Batman: Fear Itself
  • Author: Michael Reaves Steven-Elliot Altman
  • ISBN: 9780345479433
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • Batman strikes fear in the hearts of criminals, but there s a killer stalking Gotham who s even better at inspiring fright and his method just might be unbeatable because it s invisible.Unbeknownst to the general public, a powerful new designer drug has hit the streets of Gotham, courtesy of an evil genius determined to turn the expression scared to death into lethBatman strikes fear in the hearts of criminals, but there s a killer stalking Gotham who s even better at inspiring fright and his method just might be unbeatable because it s invisible.Unbeknownst to the general public, a powerful new designer drug has hit the streets of Gotham, courtesy of an evil genius determined to turn the expression scared to death into lethal reality Unlike the Caped Crusader, who petrifies only villains, this mastermind is targeting decent citizens and he s come up with the ultimate delivery system After all, the public can t refuse something they can t see, hear, or smell That s the beauty of a terror toxin that is undetectable by the human senses And with all of Gotham s super villains incarcerated, Batman must hunt down a mystery madman about whom he knows nothing.Maybe the Dark Knight should be afraid because there s plenty to fear when you go head to head with fear itself.

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      411 Michael Reaves Steven-Elliot Altman
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    1. Michael Reaves Steven-Elliot Altman

      Micheal Reeves is an Emmy Award winning television writer and screenwriter whose many credits include Star Trek The Next Generation, Twilight Zone, Batman The Animated Series and Gargoyles His novels include the New York Times bestseller STAR WARS Darth Maul Shadowhunter and the forthcoming STAR WARS Death Star He has written a book called Interworld with Neil Gaiman He s also written short fiction, comic books and background dialogue for a Megadeath video He lives in California.

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    1. I will not claim to be a Batman expert. I have only seen the old Batman movie (what spectacular goofiness), the Tim Burton Batman movie, and the Christopher Nolan Batman remakes. Since I'm no Batman fan, what drew me to this book, you may ask. Well, that would be because it was written by Michael Reaves, whose Star Wars books I have read and enjoyed. (Imagine my surprise when I saw there is actually a co-author, hidden in the title page inside the book.)NOTE: Throughout the book, I will compare [...]

    2. The story begins with a train barreling out of control, its conductor so petrified she can do nothing except for mutter about tunnel creatures. Batman manages to stop the train in time, but is perplexed since there is no sign of fear gas, all the Arkham inmates are accounted for, and one nosy reporter ended up stealing evidence in the form of a paperback book.The premise seems like a really good set up for a suspense laden thriller as Batman works his way through his rogue's gallery to find out [...]

    3. I am a big fan of the Caped Crusader and many of the characters related to him . I started this book with great enthusiasm and expectations . But the book turned out to be a disappointment . I never thought that anything related to the Batman can be so boring . The novel starts with the Batman saving a train from accident in a tunnel . The start was good but there was no story built up till next eleven chapters . Conversations in the book are unnecessarily stratched so are the chapters . Even in [...]

    4. A train in the subway has gone out of control and when Batman goes to investigate, he finds the driver nearly frightened to death and mumbling something under her breath. Other instances of people becoming similarly frightened trigger the Batman to investigate further, but with all of his nemesises locked up, Batman has a new enemy that he knows nothing about. This story was very well crafted and the descriptions were terrific. I found it very heard to put this book down. All the characters were [...]

    5. A gripping book, I found it quite difficult to put down once I began to read it. People buy a horror novel from a renowned author and suddenly start to have unusual panic attacks, usually hallucinations leading to accidents and fatalitiese big question to find out is who is behind it and how are they doing it? Is it the writing or is it something else about the books?

    6. There was no shortage of action scenes in this but the focus is on the mystery and seeing it unfold. This was an engaging story that had me as interested in the characters as the mystery itself.

    7. I'll be perfectly honest: I picked up a copy of this because it was cheap, and it had the Scarecrow in it, and I am a sucker for anything involving the Scarecrow. Unfortunately, the authors seem convinced they can make you think the Scarecrow ISN'T the main villain. So in order to get a few decent scenes, you have to buckle in for hundreds of pages of 'detecting' that really isn't, and also isn't necessary because: This is Gotham. Fear toxin = Scarecrow. End of story, stop dangling really bad re [...]

    8. A really fun Batman tale. I was concerned that Batman wouldn't translate well into prose, but I was wrong. It's a good mystery tale with some fun creations and a lot of references to classic horror fiction /film. Very enjoyable.

    9. I was really enjoying this book, its clever allusions to various horror fiction, some very nicely-written scenes that explored the dynamics between characters, and I had some pretty high expectations for the last 40 pages when all of the sudden, from nowhere, two gelatinous blobs that the Scarecrow somehow rounded up and “programmed” with internal computers to kill an interesting character. It shattered my conception of the book, its connection with Batman Begins, and it became a poorly draw [...]

    10. Astonishingly well-written, well-plotted, with well-rounded human characters. This wasn't some cheesy, wannabe Batman "fanfiction" novel, this was the real deal, an "updated"/"upgraded" tech version of modern day Batman operating in the ever bleak Gotham City. The author won an Emmy for his writing on the animated Batman TV series, so it's really not surprising that the book is so well-written. Though it doesn't specify, I have to wonder if the animated show they meant was the one from the 90s, [...]

    11. Reaves does an amazing job of giving voice to the inner workings of Batman in a way that feels authentic to the character’s history yet is still an original voice.There’s lots of action, a dash of romance, a dab of humor and plot twists gallore to make this one incredible page turner. Not only does Batman get to shine in both his identities, seondary characters get their own perfect scenes. The interactions between Bruce and Alfred are some of the best scenes in the book. FEAR ITSELF gives A [...]

    12. It has been quite a while since I have read a really good Batman book, I think I was waiting for this one.Someone has committed a crime, a crime with the MO of the Scarecrow. With Dr. Crane safely tucked away in Arkham asylum reading his psychology books out loud to the guards, it's up to Batman to discover if there is a copycat in Gotham.I enjoyed this book and would recommend. The campyness that seems to be found in most Batman books seems to have been left entirely out of Fear Itself and that [...]

    13. Whether you're a fan of the recent movies, the Batman Adventures Animated series or the Batman from the post-Crisis comics, you'll like this novel. It introduced Bruce and Batman to less informed readers without being boring or repetitive, the established characters are true to themselves and original characters are really original and developed. While the main storyline seemed to me somewhat predictable, it was still interesting, and the various pop culture and Batman comics references were qui [...]

    14. Eh. I enjoyed Scarecrow and I enjoyed the idea of a fear toxin, but I think the execution could have been a little better. I felt no actual, palpable fear. Maybe that would have happened if the writer had been able to create suspense, which he could only do to a limited extent.Maggie was also a pain. She was a Mary Sue, plain and clear, because why else would she suddenly attract an OC *and* Batman? Srsly. And Alfred trying to hook Bruce up. Gimme a break. I had to skim the ending.Still, Batman. [...]

    15. The second Batman book I've read, and I believe this is the first one I've read not an adaptation. While the book does move rather slowly, it delves into the science behind Batman's cool gadgetry, and reveals the more personal side of Batman, like how his sleeping and eating habits affect him. I'd recommend it to any Batman fan.

    16. The story and writing were good, but this isn't the insane action/adventure that fans of Christopher Nolan's films would enjoy. If you've read other superhero novels, you might like this, but anyone new to the "comic book prose" genre should start out with The Sinister Six trilogy by Adam-Troy Castro.

    17. Here's another Batman caper In this one the plot revolves around a book, "Fear Itself", which is involved in terrifying situations around Gotham City. Read on to see which supervillian is behind this idea.

    18. DNF - I am on a major reading slump at the moment, now I love Batman and my fav villain is Scarecrow yet I found this terrible. I got around half way and I just thought screw it I'm not reading anymore.I do have a few more in this series but think I will be giving them away now.

    19. Yep. Always love a good Batman story. But this wasn't the best one I've read. The Maggie chick kinda bugged me the whole time and some of the dialogue was kinda cheesy, but for the most part it was engaging and fun to read.

    20. Very slow. Takes to long to get to the villain and when they finally do the book is basically over. This was a miss by the authors. Plot was decent just wasn't carried through all the way.

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