Here, Have a Husband

Here Have a Husband Here Have a Husband tells a story of the prospect of marriage in a society plagued by a strict government matchmaking program that pairs and binds applicants to the perfect partner from a simple que

  • Title: Here, Have a Husband
  • Author: Heather Gean
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Here, Have a Husband tells a story of the prospect of marriage in a society plagued by a strict, government matchmaking program that pairs and binds applicants to the perfect partner from a simple questionnaire Told from the sarcastic point of view of strong willed Rainy Clarke, the story begins when the fresh out of college heroine receives the news of her government assHere, Have a Husband tells a story of the prospect of marriage in a society plagued by a strict, government matchmaking program that pairs and binds applicants to the perfect partner from a simple questionnaire Told from the sarcastic point of view of strong willed Rainy Clarke, the story begins when the fresh out of college heroine receives the news of her government assigned engagement to one of the most eligible bachelors in the country Caught up in a high profile engagement turned government publicity stunt, Rainy begins to realize that love and marriage are not always the same things, especially in the eyes of the government The fight to reverse the strict marriage matchmaking system, that seems to be a thorn in the lives of not only her but those around her, falls on Rainy s shoulders Filled with relationships that shape every part of existence, Here, Have a Husband triumphantly proves that the right to happiness is something worth fighting even the most formidable opponent for.

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    1. I really liked the story line. There is no doubt that Heather is talented, but there were places that dragged on because of a lot of "telling".And I must say I LOVE Van! *Swoon*

    2. This was a cute read! Very light on the dystopian. Everything seemed pretty much exactly the same as it is now except the government has instituted a new marriage law where divorce is illegal and you can only marry someone who the government has chosen for you. The characters were like-able, though at some points I felt like there were too many side characters. I was so torn with Ashley! One minute I liked him, one minute I hated him, the next I hated him even more just went on like that. It kep [...]

    3. I'm a person who is afraid of government power. I believe they take their power to the extremes and it can only be the end for our country, so long as the people allow it.I appreciated the message of this novel. I love that a woman went with the flow until she got into it and suddenly realized what a crock the DML (Department of Marriage Licenses) was. She didn't have a lot of help from anyone. Her parents, politicians, told her that she needed to be a grown up and do things she wanted to do, he [...]

    4. Where do I begin? A quick overview. Basically, the USA is sick of divorces. The government was embarrassed so if you want to get married you need to fill out a questionnaire from the government and they'll pick your match. Rainy, does just that. She's at a point in her life where she's graduated, has a decent job, now she just wants someone to share her time with. Her father is a State Representative so in order to not embarrass him she fills out the questionnaire. Ashely Schroeder, the heir to [...]

    5. Interesting idea, but not all that great execution. In addition to the plotholes, you can tell it's self-published without editing. And it really does need an editor. The author's sentence structure is fairly convoluted, and it didn't always make sense as written. She also used the wrong words - "fill day" instead of "field day" and "explicative" instead of "expletive".As I said, the premise is interesting - the United States has a Department of Marriage Licensing because government officials be [...]

    6. While I respect the statements about government control over something like marriage I actually grew to feel the opposite of what the author intended. That Marriage is actually a contract and it makes sense to have it legislated, whereas Love is something different and personal between two people and doesn't always make sense. And what idiotic matching service thinks that the two of them would be matches? Basic stuff like "how many kids" and when do you want to get married should be matched up a [...]

    7. Very interesting premise. If you have any interest/stake in the marriage debate going on then you should probably read this. Just imagine if the government really could tell you who you could and couldn't marry? And there is no divorce allowed because how could the government be wrong? This is what happens when the government pleases the moral majority and ends up with the exact opposite outcome. Arranged marriages with no love but plenty of affairs. Imagine if you were in an abusive marriage an [...]

    8. The basic premise is that, due to the high divorce rate, anyone wanting to get married (and receive the associated tax/insurance perks) must be matched with a compatible person through the Department of Marriage Licensing. Rainey (daughter of a congressman) and Ashley (heir to an appliance-manufacturing company) are matched and begin to plan their wedding, despite an obvious lack of chemistry. The situation is complicated when Rainey begins to fall for Ashley's best friend, Van.This was a cute, [...]

    9. I was pleasantly surprised by this. I really didn't expect to like it, but the plot seemed intriguing. My main complaint is the author doesn't do enough world building. The story is supposed to be set in a contemporary America where the government chooses your spouse. It's a fairly recent development, but Gean never explains how exactly this comes about. A program like this must have been hugely popular with society or there would have been massive protest and uprising. And ultimately, why is it [...]

    10. My husband downloaded this to my e-reader and I thought I should read this after having read the trillogy of the Hunger Games. It has been an easy, surface read. I suspect the author is a first time author and because of that I want to support her. I know she will grow in her ability to tell the story with more depth as she becomes more skilled at writing- as I am learning how to be a writer as well. I'm right to the climax of the book- perhaps 97% complete- unfortuntately Twilight is pulling me [...]

    11. This was a Kindle freebie. I expected a mix of chick-lit and dystopian fiction. In order to get married, you file an application with the Department of Marriage Licensing. The DML finds you a "match" and once they've matched you, you can't marry anyone else, legally at least. Sounds good right. I can't really place what I didn't like about it. I guess the characters just seemed flat to me. I read the first few chapters and then just quickly skimmed the rest. There was a lot of language and I gue [...]

    12. A strict government matchmaking program pairs and binds applicants to the perfect partner from a simple questionnaire. Rainy Clarke fills out an application and is paired with one of the most eligible bachelors in the country, Christopher Ashley Schroeder. Caught up in a whirlwind romance and planning for a wedding, she soon realizes that Christopher does not meet her criteria for a husband. She begins the painstaking process of trying to reverse the government match. The story, of course, does [...]

    13. I found this book on my Kindle and I must have had a fever when I bought it (I hope it was free.)The writing is self-published, unedited and without depth. The dialogue reads like a middle schooler wrote it. It's just house-wife drivel and rotted my brain to read the story. It just plain hurt. I tried to keep going to give it a chance, but I had to give up on it. I couldn't make it through. Too painful

    14. This book had such a great premise I figured it couldn't go wrong. I couldn't put it down in the beginning, but 70% through, it seemed to go off the rails. I hated the ending. If the end had made any sense, I would have probably loved it! (Personally, I think the book would have been awesome if Rainey and Ashley got married and became a celebrity activst couple against the DML and the story that came with that!!!)

    15. This book was another pretty quick read. I really liked it for many reasons. For one thing, there was a strong main character, Rainey (AKA Lorraine) Clarke. There was a government agency that arranged marriages and their word literally was law. Predictably, in the end Rainey did not marry the handsome, fabulously rich heir to whom she had been matched and instead fell in love with the best man. While it was quite predictable, the ride was fun.

    16. The ideia of this book is a good one. So I was obviously waiting for a good story. This is not a good story. In the beggining it seemed to be but then it got too predictable and full of inconsistencies. When it was by 70% and I just wanted to end it soon, the story became better and I actually caught myself captivated. For this reason I'm giving this book 2 stars. But I wouldn't recommend it to a friend.

    17. Humorous, romantic and enjoyable were the first three traits I thought about this book after reading it. Rainy Clarke lives in a world where husbands are assigned via government choosing. She gets paired with someone she hates. This story really made me giggle and I thought this book was very well written. People should read it, but it's only available through a kindle or nook. Overall, it was a great read.

    18. I read this book because it was free when I first purchased my Kindle. It took me forever to get into this book, and believe me, I tried. I was not till 3/4 of the way through that it actually turned out to be ok. Out of the hundreds of books I have read, this is definitely not one I would recommend.

    19. Great concept: the government, in an effort to solve the high divorce rate, picks your perfect mate for you. The entertaining but predictable plot line was a little slow at times. I liked the characters, but was put off by the foul language and really distracted by the poor (or non-existent) editing.

    20. Seriously painful chick-lit. Poorly developed characters that were either too great, or too terrible. There was no real hook to the story, even though the premise had a lot of potential. This was mindless reading that didn't even leave me feeling like I had escaped. Why do I keep downloading the Kindle freebies?!?

    21. I really wanted to like this book. However, to me it was dull and dragged on forever. I had to force myself to finish.I did like the heroine and her willingness to stand up to what was right and fight against a wedding she was opposed to, but it just wasn't enough to save this book for me.

    22. The idea has an interesting premise to it and I thought it had promise until the last several chapters where it just fell flat. It was a freebie with my Kindle so I am not out anything, but it isn't something I'd recommend to anyone.

    23. I really enjoyed this book. I was surprised at how the ending happened but it was a good/happy ending. And glad that it happened that way. It was a really good book that I had a hard time putting it down. I read this on my Kindle.

    24. What an intersting concept! And how far will our government go to control our lives? This book has some really marvelous insight into our system and how we need to take control back. It is also humerous, which kept me reading for hours on end!

    25. Sweetly written but longThis story could have been much shorter and told just as well. The main characters were well thought out but the story line was wordy and the "heroine" thought to much about things.

    26. ConclusionsIt wasn't exactly the ending I hoped for. I mean I'm happy with it. I just think they could have done more with the DML laws.

    27. Really enjoyed the book tillI liked the book and got caught up in the characters but felt the end was a little boring felt like something was missing.

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