Colinas negras

Colinas negras Pasar un verano en el rancho de sus abuelos en Dakota del Sur no es lo que a Cooper Sullivan de once a os le parec a el mejor plan Pero las cosas cambiaron y se tornaron m s llevaderas cuando conoci

  • Title: Colinas negras
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9789506442019
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pasar un verano en el rancho de sus abuelos en Dakota del Sur no es lo que a Cooper Sullivan, de once a os, le parec a el mejor plan Pero las cosas cambiaron y se tornaron m s llevaderas cuando conoci a su vecina, Lil Chance, y su jaula de bateo casera, e incluso un paseo a cabello no le pareci tan desagradable como Coop pensaba Y as , cada a o que pasaba, con cada visPasar un verano en el rancho de sus abuelos en Dakota del Sur no es lo que a Cooper Sullivan, de once a os, le parec a el mejor plan Pero las cosas cambiaron y se tornaron m s llevaderas cuando conoci a su vecina, Lil Chance, y su jaula de bateo casera, e incluso un paseo a cabello no le pareci tan desagradable como Coop pensaba Y as , cada a o que pasaba, con cada visita veraniega de Coop, la amistad entre ambos se fue transformando, y de los inocentes juegos pasaron a los besos robados hasta el momento en que tuvieron que compartir una terrible experiencia que los persigui para siempre el descubrimiento del cad ver de un excursionista.Ahora, han pasado doce a os A os en los que Lil ha luchado por cumplir sus sue os de convertirse en bi loga y proteger su tierra, mientras que Coop ha lidiado con las demandas de su padre de ir a la Facultad de Derecho y unirse al despacho familiar Y el destino ha vuelto a unirlos y traerlos a las Black Hills donde la gente y cosas que les son m s cercanos, m s los necesitan en estos momentos.Como detective de Nueva York, Coop ha dejado recientemente su estresante vida para cuidar de sus ancianos abuelos y el rancho al que lleg a llamar hogar Por su parte, Lil, con el recuerdo de las caricias de su antiguo amigo a n en mente, no ha cejado en su empe o de abrir un refugio de fauna salvaje, pero alguien o algo ha estado observ ndola muy de cerca Y cuando peque os travesuras pasan a actos vand licos y terminan con la muerte del amado puma de Lil, los recuerdos de un asesinato sin resolver hacen que Coop empiece a tomar cartas en el asunto para mantener a salvo a Lil.Tanto Lil como Coop conocen perfectamente los peligros que encierran las monta as de Black Hills, pero ahora deber n trabajar codo con codo para desenmascarar a un asesino con retorcidos instintos que los ha marcado como su siguiente presa.

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    1. Nora Roberts

      Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

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    1. I liked:The setting (South Dakota), the information (endangered animals, especially big cats), most of the characters (but not the hero).I didn't like:The plot (psychopathic killer stalks our heroine; shades of Montana Sky), the hero (my way or else, my way or else, my way or else; if that's his idea of love, no thanks), the heroine (for letting him have his way).Roberts does her usual trademark workmanlike stuff, so the book is readable. However, the "love" story kept pissing me off so much tha [...]

    2. Solid 4-stars, maybe bordering on 4.5. This was just an all around solid book for me. There were two things that kept it from being a 5-star read, and neither of those were critical issues. But overall, I have to say I enjoyed this book a lot (and I'm trying not to be a biased Nora Roberts groupie when I say that).Cooper Sullivan was just eleven years old when his parents sent him off to his grandparents farm in the Black Hills of South Dakota for the summer. For Coop, it was like being sent to [...]

    3. It was a little difficult to decide on a star rating for Nora’s latest. The begining was great, the middle lulled, and then the end was good. I waffled between 3 ½ and 4 and decided-what the heck, go for four.Lil and Coop became close as children when he would spend summers at his grandparents’ home in South Dakota. He was a city boy that had never seen the country. Lil, a Sioux descendant, was raised there with her sort of hippie-like parents. Lil is fascinated by wild animals, particularl [...]

    4. The only reason I finished this book was because I wanted to see how the end scene played out. I assumed that the bad guy would kidnap her and I wanted to see what happened there. Honestly, the only good thing I can say about this book was that it was pretty cool the way Baby came to the rescue.The rest of this book was just not fun for me. I couldn't fully get behind Lil's refuge because while I understand some of the animals there, I don't really agree with taking an animal out of its natural [...]

    5. Elegí esta novela de Nora Roberts por recomendación de una lectora y amiga de las RS y ha resultado ser un acierto. "Colinas negras" es una estupenda "novela de verano" (me estoy planteando escribir un post sobre este tema, "novelas de verano") en el sentido de que es ágil, trepidante y consigue que te quedes enganchada a sus páginas. No resumiré la historia, solo diré que parte de una premisa básica del género; el primer amor que acaba porque uno de los dos (el héroe) se sacrifica para [...]

    6. Un relato fresco, dinamico y romantico. En un ambiente espectacular, en plena naturaleza, ranchos, granjas y caballos se enmarca una historia de suspense/romance con sus tira y afloja llevada con gran acierto.Muy entretenida, de las que no puedes parar hasta acabarla.

    7. One Sentence Summary:Can Dr Lillian Chance and ex-cop Cooper Sullivan outwit a crazed serial killer to save Lil's Wildlife Refuge and reignite the passionate flame of first love?Favourite Quote:"Loving you made a man out of me," he said when he let her go. "It's the man who came back for you." (Page 374)My Review:Being an Aussie who lives half an hour from the beach and has ridden a horse only once in her lifetime; I loved this Nora Roberts novel! There is just something about the American Wilde [...]

    8. The story is set in a wildlife refuge in the Black Hills of South Dakota, hence the title. Lil Chance met brooding city boy named Cooper Sullivan, who clearly had family issues but won’t admit it. Soon they became close with each other and remain friends until their adolescent years.But in their case, absence didn’t make the heart grow fonder. Because during the times that they didn’t see each other, their feelings had grown apart and the long distance had deviated their attention… well, [...]

    9. ~* 3.5 Stars *~For years I've read Nora Roberts books, always considering myself a huge fan. Whether contemporary romance, paranormal romance, or romantic suspensewhether stand alone books or trilogies or short seriesI've always counted on Roberts for a sweeping romantic read that satisfies as it entertains, and for years she's delivered. Some books, of course, I've liked more than others. Some series or trilogies have hit closer to home than others. Some characters I've liked more than others. [...]

    10. I thought this book was great.Predominately a romance novel, Lil and Cooper are introduced as children, and fall in love as young adults. Driven away from each other, they lead separate lives until a serial killer brings them back together.The romance between them is lovely, and there are great moments of suspense and mystery, but I guess like any good Nora Roberts book, it's all about the loveA few things made this a 4 and not 5 star book for me. It was just a little too drawn out. Most of the [...]

    11. Let me say up front that I had especially high standards for this book. I'm from the Black Hills: I was born in Deadwood, graduated high school in Rapid City, and went to grad school in Spearfish, the three towns she names in the book. I also have a decent amount of knowledge about the Lakota history and relationship with the Hills.Maybe if this plot was used in a setting/culture I was unfamiliar with, I would have liked it, but I really, really didn't. There were little mistakes (a "beef farmer [...]

    12. One of the cheesiest novels I’ve read. Seriously, the plot was somehow boring, characters were very shallow, & there was alot of exaggeration. I just couldn’t relate all the action to the main point of this novel.It’s about South Dakota Biologist Lilian Chance & her wildlife habitat which she had build at her home. Comes Coop, her life sweetheart who dumped her when they were in college & returned back to help his injured grandfather to take care of his business & farm. &am [...]

    13. Another typical Nora Roberts. I wish my library had a wider romance section for when my funds run out.Anyway, strong heroine and hero, strange murder mystery that puts the heroine in danger, hero wants to save her, but heroine can mostly save herself. Like I said, typical Nora.I liked the setting of South Dakota and Lil's big cats rescue. I liked Lil and Coopers backstory; I've always had a thing for the childhood friends to lovers trope. That they got together as youngsters was believable and t [...]

    14. This is my first Nora Roberts book, and I loved it!For starters the setting was great - love big country, big sky, wide open spaces.Also love romances where the characters first meet as children (or young adults), spend time apart and then reconnect as more experienced adults.The characters are really endearing. I like reading about strong, independent women who aren't stubborn to the point of stupidity. Lil is courageous, intelligent and skilled in her field but also keeps a cool head in a cris [...]

    15. First-class escapism; this one takes place in a South Dakota wild animal refuge. It’s your typical Nora Roberts plot; great romance with lots of suspense. One of my favorite Nora Roberts books.

    16. Fraco. Teria tudo para ser um grande livro se não fosse a maneira ridícula como o casal se tratou na segunda parte da trama: machismo, diminuição da capacidade feminina e a necessidade de um homem para ajudar a resolver a questão - qualquer conversa entre as amigas ou com as mães girava em torno do romance, pareciam não ter nada mais sério acontecendo . Me senti lendo uma Sabrina/Julia dos tempos de adolescente, só que com um toque de suspense. Romance previsível do início ao fim. Bob [...]

    17. This book was published in 2009 but I just now got around to reading it. I prefer Nora's older stuff, anyway, and this one kept me fascinated to the very end. Nicely done.

    18. Reading this felt like a blast from the past. I always loved the books that spent time on the characters as kids and then showed them when they were older. This style doesn't always work for me, but this author has a way with it and I always enjoy it. The last couple books I've read by this author haven't been in this style (which isn't a bad thing) but I really enjoyed revisiting it.Getting to know Lil and Cooper when they were young made a nice start to the novel. There wasn't a huge chunk of [...]

    19. BLACK HILLSWritten by Nora Roberts 2009, 472 PagesGenre: romantic suspense, mysteryRating: ★★1/2Eleven year old Cooper Sullivan feels like his parents exiled him to his maternal grandparents' ranch in South Dakota and is down in the dumps until he meets tomboyish Lil Chance. The two become fast friends bonding over baseball, horseback riding and their encounter with a cougar. Over the years as Cooper visits he and Lil become more than friends until one day Cooper breaks Lil's heart and leave [...]

    20. I have read nearly everything this author has ever written including the Eve Dallas futuristic detective series. Just when you think you can't possibly love another story so much, she proves you wrong. She does I admit have a theme to this "type" of book, man, women, bad person, threat, climax, happily ever after. I can't deny this, it does not however detract from what is still an excellent read. Nora Roberts has a knack of getting to the heart of people, she gives details of their quirks, pers [...]

    21. Gosh, I don't know how Nora Roberts does it, but she still manages to write one great book after the next Out of the 20 or so books I have read by her yet (I only discovered her books a year ago) this is possibly the best --- I absolutely loved it, and finished it in 3 days! The characters are great - both the lead and supporting characters. The story is set mostly in a wildlife refuge in the Black Hills of South Dakota --- not your usual setting for a book, and definitely very interesting. Tha [...]

    22. I actually read this book aloud to my husband while driving back from Ocean City, Md. I am pleased to report that it kept both of us entertained for the eight-hour drive.As someone who has read several of Nora Roberts' novels, I was able to predict major plot events as they are somewhat standard. Still, her stand alone works are so much better than some of her series' works.I am not an outdoorsy, let's go camping, kind of person, but this story made me want to go to South Dakota and ride a horse [...]

    23. Coop and Lil were childhood sweethearts, but their paths diverged. Coop became a cop, then private investigator, and Lil realized her dream of founding a wildlife refuge on her parents land. When Coop's grandfather takes a fall and breaks his leg, Coop comes back to help out. He and Lil have a lot to work out, which is complicated by the fact that a psycho serial killer is stalking her. I don't know why, but I was really emotionally connected to the characters in this book. Every time any of the [...]

    24. First let me begin by saying I am a Nora Roberts fan, now after stating that, I wassomewhat disappointed in Black Hills. It is a very good romantic suspense but considering the author I was expecting more. The description of the characters and the settings failed to draw me in as a reader; and that surprised me; NR is accomplished and consistent with this particular ability. It’s not that I didn’t like the book, it just left me disinterested. Like soda that has lost some of its fizz.Although [...]

    25. NR writes stories that while they may strain the credibility (the last scene with Baby), they still remain engrossing. I enjoyed Black Hills the first time around - the whole refuge theme which i found really likable (though I do think she made it as close to the real thing possible). The relationship between the different characters is another strength of the book. It sort of made this book feel good. One of her good standalone books in the recent times after High Noon.

    26. Este libro me gusto. Realmente me tuvo demasiado intrigada con el cuento de Ethan el asesino con todo su cuento de la caza y esas locuras de indios como honrar la tierra eso Realmente ya faltando un poco para el final me aburrí pero luego de un gran suceso terminarlo fue demasiado fácil terminarlo. Me encanto la tensión del final. Lo leí sin saber nada de el y para ser diferente al tipo de literatura que suelo leer me gusto demasiado

    27. One of the reasons I liked this book is because it starts when they meet as kids. I prefer to read it while it happens rather than as flashbacks. You really get much more invested in their relationship that way. I liked both characters. The writing was good without being great, typical for Nora Roberts for me. The bit at the end (view spoiler)[with the mountain lion saving her (hide spoiler)] seemed a bit improbable but hey it's fiction. I do recommend this to my customers though.

    28. Rating: ★★★★Trope: Reconciliation RomanceChemistry: SimmeringOne-Sentence Summary: An animal sanctuary owner Versus a deluded hunterReview: Nora Roberts's magical standalone recipe:✔ A strong, independent Heroine✔ A rugged, handsome Hero✔ A dark secret/trauma from the past⍻ Family drama✔ A beautiful setting✔ Adorable animals✔ A delightful secondary romance✔ Murder✔ Wise motherly/fatherly figures to give out sage life advice✔ A long engaging Prologue to draw you in✔ [...]

    29. Empezó con buen pie, muy estilo campestre con caballos y sombreros de vaquero y camisas de cuadro y una bonita historia de amor de infancia/adolescencia que se ve truncada con un hecho inesperado hasta que con el paso de los años, todo se vuelve a retomar. Pero ¡ay! No iba a ser todo tan fácil, puesto que un desconocido asesino en serie va detrás de la protagonista para complicarle las cosas, ¡como si no fuera ya bastante lío el enredo amoroso que tiene con el protagonista masculino! Vale [...]

    30. Cooper Sullivan terpaksa menghabiskan liburan musim panasnya di rumah kakek dan neneknya disebuah desa di Dakota Selatan karena hubungan rumit kedua orangtuanya. Coop yg merupakan anak kota harus hidup di rumah kakek neneknya yg bahkan tidak mempunyai televisi. Namun pertemuan Coop dengan Lil Chane, anak dari sahabat kakek dan neneknya membuat liburannya jadi lebih mengasyikan. Setiap tahun disetiap kunjungannya, Coop akan menemui Lil dan saat beranjak remaja persahabatan mereka menjadi semakin [...]

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